Guyanese Respond With Memes And Jokes To The US Election

One of the memes from Guyanese on the US Elections.
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By NAN Staff Writer 

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 6, 2020: Like many Netizens, Guyanese are among those globally reacting with jokes and memes on the US election and its delayed results, after experiencing five months of their own election results debacle.

As the US election results drags on, and as Donald Trump questions the voting process and threatens legal action, many Guyanese on social media are comparing it to the incumbent government and the months of delayed results there from the March 2, 2020 poll, that ironically saw the US calling for “democracy” there.

On social media, a meme was making the round that showed Trump placing a call to Guyana Elections Commission Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfield, who is facing several charges of conspiracy to commit fraud and misconduct over the March 2nd Guyana elections.

The meme shows Trump on the phone to Lowenfield and saying: “Yo Lowenfield, help me out bro. Biden leading.”

As Lowenfield responds: “Sure, no problem, but you have to give me back my visa,” a reference to the US visas sanctions placed on several in Guyana by the US State Department over months of delayed announcement of the country’s election results.

In Guyana’s Kaiteur Newspaper, the satirical column, ‘Dem Boys She,’ claimed that President Irfaan Ali “has threatened travel sanctions on United States President Donald Trump” as Ali “…is concerned about Trump’s actions which he feels can undermine democracy in the world’s foremost democracy.”

The columnist also joked that Ali is alleging that Trump, who is threatening legal action, is alleging fraud in the American elections and is calling for an end to the counting of votes, “is being advised by Lil Joe, Rum-Jattan, Soulja Bai and Na-Ga-Nothing-To-Do.” The sobriquets reportedly refer to former Presidential advisor and now Guyana opposition leader, Joe Harmon; former Guyana President David Granger and former Prime Minister Moses Nagamotoo.

The column also honed in on the meme, stating sardonically that Trump has asked his principal aide to get “Lolo-Field and Mingo,” (a reference to Lowenfield and the GECOM District Four Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo, who is also facing fraud charges over the election in Guyana,) “… to America immediately to ensure a victory for him.”

On Facebook, Guyanese also joked that the “US election come in like the one they had in Guyana”

“All the US election drama missing is the (Guyana) Newsroom’s election music,” one poster stated.

“#DejaVu,” posted one Guyanese local as another added: “Ah wonder if the Guyana Government is allowed to intervene the US election?? Asking for my neighba.”

“They just copying all our sh..,” another joked as still another added: “You shall never lecture to Guyana nor anyone again!”

The US election enters day three without a result as votes continue to be counted in several states including Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania as Joe Biden continues to chip away at Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Millions of votes are still to be counted, including in key battleground states. In addition, AP has called Arizona’s 11 votes for Biden while other news organizations regard the race as still too close to call. That puts Biden’s lead on the Electoral College map at 264 to Trump’s 214.