By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Sept. 7, 2012: The almost unfathomable difference between the Obama campaign this year and 4 years ago speaks is exactly what I have been writing in these weekly commentaries week after week – for 82 weeks now. The incredible difference between what Obama promised 4 years ago and what he has delivered.

Yes I am writing before Obama delivers his acceptance speech, but no matter how pumped he will be and how stirring his words the “promises” he will offer for his second term once you remove all the pretty rhetorical wrappings are going to be standard Democratic Party goals. How could it be otherwise?

His goal is winning the election in November and that means only one thing – appealing to the undecided in Swing States. It has been his agenda since the day he was first elected. But even if you remove that rationale, Obama is not and never has been a Change Master. His DNA is that of any typical Democratic President better than the alternative but still just another version of the Status Quo.

While I continue to maintain the election is already over and Obama will win re-election, Romney, Ryan and the Republican are energized for one reason and one reason – if they are still energized after their dismal Convention only after you cut through their layers of rhetoric – Republicans are energized because Obama is not producing the strong positive response he did 4 years ago. Which they think gives them a chance.

Not by a very, very long shot, however. Mitt Romney without Paul Ryan was a Loser. With Paul Ryan he is an even Bigger Loser!

What is strange if not fascinating, is that these Republicans are running their own convoluted version of what Obama did 4 years ago. No they will never admit it but their playbook is the same as Obama 2008. Regan, Ryan and the others are promoting themselves as Change Masters. As Obama did in 2008! He did not change America but they say they will if drastically differently.

Although it was never clear what kind of change Obama was promising 4 years ago. It is indisputable CHANGE was his theme and we all bought into it without many details. It is the same with the Republicans this year.

Yes there is the issue of Medicare which they are running away from, energy independence, smaller govt, less taxes (for the rich), but none of that is the real theme which is vague CHANGE that will make America and your life better. Of course it won’t unless you are rich and the richer the better.

CHANGE is a message of hope that genetically appeals to humans as it should when it is real. Instead and nothing new about this – the rhetoric not the reality of Change has become a mantra of politicians since the beginning of time. And still is.

The difference is some do it effectively and others don’t. Based on a multitude of factors and how the people in any society at any point are defining change and how much they truly believe change is possible. Audaciously after NOT producing real change these last 4 years no doubt Obama will claim he has Thursday night. Even worse to a cheering hoard of Democrats filling the convention center to Thursday night Obama will once again claim he will be a Change Master the next 4 years. Then of course he won’t.

Fool us once shame on him. Fool us twice shame on us.

Which matter not at all to Barack Obama because he is going to get what he wants anyway – re-elected to a second term. Which here in the Real World, as duplicitous as he is, is still better than electing the Lap Dogs of the Super Rich – Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Welcome back to the Wonderful World of Political Reality!

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.