It’s Actually More Affordable To Get Legal Services Than You Think Says This Queens Native

Ron Scoon, right, independent associate and senior manager at LegalShield’s Jamaica, Queens location, with current Democratic Presidential hopeful, Mike Bloomberg.
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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. March 2, 2020: Getting legal help can often be a daunting task with many intimidated by high costs.

But according to Queens resident, Ron Scoon, it does not have to be. Scoon should know. He is an independent associate and senior manager at LegalShield’s Jamaica, Queens location and has been showing many in the Caribbean and American communities an easier way to secure legal help in a more cost-effective manner.

Just like you pay for car or health insurance monthly, you can for legal fees as well. LegalShield has been offering access to affordable legal services for over 45 years ago, through plans that offer the most comprehensive coverage available.

Scoon says the option is especially great for budding entrepreneurs and small business owners who can access the ‘Start A Business’ plan or the ‘Small Business’ plan.
The Start A Business Plan helps business owners take the guesswork out of starting a business, but without thousands in legal fees. The company’s attorneys work with each business owner to discuss what is needed to start your business and determine which entity type is the best to set your business up under as well as file the business formation documents on your behalf and complete supporting articles of organization.
The Small Business plan also allows you to speak to a top attorney in your field, have an attorney review documents and draft contracts, or defend your business in civil lawsuits.
Of course, there is also the Individuals & Families, providing, coverage for you and your loved ones in cases of accidents, life events such as identify theft and fraud, or just simple document reviews. Get a will, a prenup, a power of attorney or more drawn up and dealt with easily without spending thousands at once.
The plan also allows you to speak with the attorney on an unlimited number of personal legal issues; have them make calls and write letters on your behalf, or review contracts and draft documents. And most importantly, the plan covers your whole family, including pre-existing issues.
Scoon says Legal Shield, which has a A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 5-star Rating from Consumer Affair, has a network of 39 law firms covering the entire US and four Canadian provinces, with attorneys averaging 22 years of experience.
And most of all, you can cancel your plan at any time with s 30 day-notice via written letter or email or by a simple phone call. There’s no risk to apply to LegalShield.
For more information contact Scoon via or directly at 718-978-7121 or 718-600-4137.