News Americas, FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, Fri. Sept. 2, 2022: Award-winning Caribbean owned, digital, PR and AD agency, Hard Beat Communications, has kicked off its own digital platform that with the click of a mouse, gives any organization the digital marketing tools they need to grow their business from one dashboard for a fraction of the cost of other digital agencies.

And this Labor Day weekend, any company of any size can get started with their own dashboard and 8 free digital marketing software tools for one small monthly subscription fee of USD 30. The fees include onboarding as well as the option to post on two company branded social media platforms at once; the option to manage client meetings in one place; software to manage reviews from the dashboard; the means to manage digital growth of the brand and ensure the company is listed accurately across search engines and also the option to bring and manage clients on the custom branded dashboard, including invoicing them.

The Hard Beat digital offerings.

Hard Beat also offers numerous other tools that can be added on to grow the company’s brand through digital marketing, including:

The social media pro tool that allows for the management and scheduling of social posts across multiple platforms;

Options to grow a company’s listings organically on hundreds of sites; tools to manage reviews and post five-star reviews on their sites;

The option to have all team members get their own custom meeting link through our Calendar software tool;

Done for you SEO

Website creation including of landing pages and e-commerce sites as well as, management, imports and hosting;

Social media page design and creation;

Content creation, including blogs, website content, social media content and management, and press release creation and global distribution.

Digital ad buys, including Geo-fencing, and digital marketing consultancy;

Branded design of flyers, power point presentation, brochures, business cards etc.

Custom branded office videos and;

Cybersecurity testing and malware removal.  

Hard Beat, founded in 2004 by Caribbean immigrant Felicia J. Persaud and now part of the ICN Group of Companies, has pivoted completely to digital since the pandemic, launching the dynamic digital platform to make it easier and most cost-effective for any company of any size to grow through digital marketing without a huge monthly retainer plus services fees.

“Unlike traditional AD & PR agencies, we are offering every client with at least 50 dollars the chance to operate like a larger company with their own dashboard to grow digitally on the Hard Beat platform and add on services as they wish and as they grow,” said Persaud. “This takes the pressure off of many without a huge upfront budget as well as the guess work out of digital marketing and it puts clients in the driver’s seat as they are in control and can see their brand growing digitally in real time before their eyes for as little or as much money as they want to put in.”

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