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News Americas, FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, Fri. Nov. 3, 2023: Indulge in a culinary adventure at the 21st annual Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival in South Florida this month.

The flavor-packed event will unfold at Miramar Regional Park on Sunday, November 12. The Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival celebrates the food of the Caribbean. Over 25 food vendors with some of the tastiest Caribbean food will be there along with chefs doing demonstrations, competitions on stage and some cultural performances.

Gracing the main stage with reggae rhythms is the renowned group, Morgan Heritage.

Doctor Fidel Goldson, SoFlo owner of Donna’s Caribbean restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, is all set to tantalize taste buds at the festival. Also making a triumphant return is the beloved “Paul Flavor’s Ice Cream.” Fan favorites like rum raisin and grapenut will take center stage, but the star of the show is unquestionably jerk ice cream.

Starting at $40 dollars, admission offers a passport to a gastronomic journey through the Caribbean.

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