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News Americas, LOS ANGELES, CA, Mon. Mar. 4, 2024: Guyanese-born chef, Chef Bernard James, famed for his Taste of the Caribbean food truck in Hollywood, has ventured into new territory with a Caribbean restaurant in East Long Beach.

Guyana-born Chef Bernard James
Guyana born Chef Bernard James

Situated near Little Coyote on Los Coyotes Diagonal, Taste of the Caribbean establishment fills a void left by the closure of Bigmista’s Barbecue and Sammich shop in 2018. With culinary experiences spanning New York to Los Angeles, Chef James brings a wealth of Caribbean flavors to Long Beach. Inspired by his childhood memories in his grandmother’s kitchen, Taste of the Caribbean not only introduces locals to authentic Caribbean cuisine but also enriches the city’s culinary landscape.

Chef James’s culinary vision, shaped by his cultural upbringing, pays homage to his heritage and the matriarchal influences of his past. By offering traditional dishes like jerk chicken and salmon, the restaurant becomes a hub for Caribbean culinary enthusiasts and a celebration of cultural diversity in Long Beach.

The arrival of Taste of the Caribbean signals a shift in Long Beach’s culinary scene, emphasizing the importance of diversity in gastronomic offerings. While it may not replicate the late-night hours of its Hollywood counterpart, the restaurant promises to invigorate the local dining experience. Its success could catalyze a wave of interest in Caribbean and other underrepresented cuisines, fostering a more inclusive culinary landscape in the city.

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