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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, FRI. April 5, 2019: Here are the headlines making news from the Caribbean and Latin America for this Friday April 5, 2019:

Alex Powell, an 11-year-old karting protégé has made history by becoming the first Jamaican to sign with a Formula 1 team.

Trinidad and To­ba­go was rocked by an­oth­er small earth­quake measuring 4.2 on the Richter scale Thursday.

U.S. diplomats are reportedly pushing for change to the business climate in Guyana according to Foreign Policy in Focus

Alberto Samid, a 71-year-old Argentine entrepreneur wanted for tax evasion is believed to have fled to Belize.

Tropic Air Belize has been named the Best Specialty and Leisure airline in Latin America by TripAdvisor.

1.1 million children need protection and access to basic services throughout the Latin America and the Caribbean UNICEF says.

Cuba has declared it is not afraid of the Trump administration’s gangster methods.

A Soyuz rocket blasted off from French Guiana on Thursday carrying four telecommunications and internet satellites.

The US says it is pre-positioning humanitarian relief supplies in Curaçao to help people affected by the political and economic crisis in Venezuela.

And Kingston-born rapper Bakersteez is pushing Jamaican rap to new heights according to FADER. USA, LLC

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