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News Americas, NEW YORK,NY, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 2019: Here are the top news making headlines from the Caribbean, Latin America and their Diasporas for this Wednesday morning June 12, 2019:

The Caribbean nation of Jamaica has recorded a whooping 580 murders in 150 days of 2019, officials there have revealed.

Hollywood star and UNCHR Special Envoy, Angelina Jolie, has called it “a life and death situation for millions of Venezuelans” fleeing their country.

The US ICE has nabbed 126 Latin American immigrants in a 5-day enforcement surge in 6 midwestern US states.

Legendary DR born baseball star, David Ortiz, has reportedly taken his first steps following a second surgery in Boston last night.

Haitian radio journalist Rospide Petion’s murder has prompted the media to renew demands that police protect them even as the US, Canada advised against travel there.

Guyana born Catherine Pollard has been appointed as the UN undersecretary-general for management strategy, policy and compliance.

Oxfam has been severely criticised by the Charity Commission for the way it dealt with claims of a serious sex scandal in Haiti.

Venezuela says 17 have been arrested and charged over an anti-Maduro ‘coup’ on April 30th.

And the US has kept the Dominican Republic’s travel advisory ranking at 2 even though five Americans have died there since April and David Ortiz was shot there Sunday night.

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