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News Americas, NEW YORK,NY, WEDSMAY 29, 2019: Here are the top news making headlines from the Caribbean, Latin America and their Diasporas for this Wednesday morning, May 29, 2019:

Caribbean star Rihanna has cast JoAni Johnson, a 68-year-old model, in her new Fenty campaign.

Many Jamaicans are in mourning following the passing of former Jamaica Prime Minister Edward Seaga at age 89.

A British born personal trainer has been found dead on lawn of a house in at Port New Providence, the Bahamas.

An estimated 300 Venezuelans are living in Trinidad and Tobago, police there say.

Latchman Kaladeen, a Florida-based Guyanese, is currently facing charges of human trafficking.

A Guyanese man has been arrested in Florida after he crashed a car into a tree, resulting in the death of his wife, and then fled the scene.

The U.S. on Tuesday boycotted the U.N. arms forum as Venezuela assumed the rotating presidency.

Scotland beat fellow World Cup finalists, Jamaica’s Reggae Girlz, 3-2 in a friendly on Tuesday in the UK.

And Reggae singer Sizzla has been axed from the Reggae On The River California concert this year due to gay rights protests.

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