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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, TUESDAY, SEPT. 10, 2019: Here are the top news making headlines from the Caribbean, Latin America and their Diaspora this Tuesday, September 10, 2019:

Bahamas tourism officials say the island is still open for business even as Canadian and US government officials warn their nationals to exercise increased caution if travelling there.

Key numbers from the disaster in the Bahamas you should know:

1: At least 50 deaths have been confirmed.

2: Some 76,000 people in the parts of the Bahamas worst-affected by Hurricane Dorian need urgent support.

3: An estimated 18,000 children in the Abaco and Grand Bahama area need humanitarian assistance.

The FAA says all planes attempting to enter the Bahamas with Hurricane Dorian relief supplies will be turned away unless the flights have been approved by the Bahamian government.

Staying true to his hard line immigration position, US President Donald Trump insists everyone trying to come to the US, including hurricane victims from the Bahamas need “totally proper documentation” because he does not want “to allow people who weren’t supposed to be in the Bahamas to come into the US including some very bad people.”

Bahamian officials are defending their response to Hurricane Dorian after residents on the battered Abaco Islands accused the government of failing to provide assistance and prevent looting.

Broward County School, South FL Superintendent, Jamaican Robert Runcie, says 17 families who evacuated from the Bahamas have so far registered their children in the school system.

A Cayman Airways flight from the Cayman Islands to New York City had to evacuate all of its 103 passengers and five crew members in Orlando after a warning light signaled there was smoke in the plane’s cargo hold.

For the first time in a decade the US has reportedly deployed some 600 troops to Guyana, a neighbor of Venezuela.

Self-declared “Interim President” Juan Guaido and two of his top advisors are being accused of treason and have had a criminal investigation opened against them by Venezuelan authorities.

A defamation lawsuit against an activist who accused an orphanage founder in Haiti of being a serial pedophile has been settled, ending a lawsuit that has dragged on for six years.

Jamaica has boosted its Olympic hockey dreams by winning the 2019 Amerigol LATAM Cup.

And the corner of Dyre Ave and Light Street in the Bronx, NY will be co-named “Jamaica Progressive League Way” on September 28th in honor of the 83-year-old Jamaican organization.

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