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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, MONDAY, SEPT. 17, 2019: Here are the top news making headlines from the Caribbean and Latin America this Monday, September 23, 2019:

Despite being in a region which is undoubtedly being impacted by climate change, only three Caribbean leaders will be a part of the Climate Action Summit at the United Nations today, Monday, Sept. 23. Those speaking at the Summit today will be the prime ministers of Jamaica, Barbados and St. Lucia.

Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines were both under storm warning last night as Tropical Storm Karen approached even as as Jerry, now a tropical storm, is forecast to pass near Bermuda Tuesday night.

Protests have erupted in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro after eight-year-old Ágatha Vitória Sales Félix was allegedly killed by police, as the number of victims in operations by security forces continues to rise.

A Queens, NY landlord has been fined US $17,000 for threatening to call US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers on her Guyanese tenant Holly Ondaan, 48, who entered the country illegally but got her green card last July.

Stefika Smith, a British born teen of Jamaican heritage, whose family moved back to their homeland to escape knife crime in London, has been brutally stabbed to death in Jamaica.

Notorious Guyana drug dealer, Shaheed Roger Khan, is back in the South American CARICOM nation after being deported from the US on Friday and is now in the custody of Guyana police who are reportedly grilling him for two murders there.

Jose Bayron Piedrahita-Ceballos, a Colombian drug kingpin from Medellin, Colombia, will spend 27 months if a US jail for bribing a former federal agent to dismiss his indictment.

Mateo Carmelo-Bartolo, a Guatemalan man who re-entered the US after being deported, now faces felony charges for illegal re-entry after he was nabbed in Maine.

And Caribbean roots actor, Gary Carr, who became the first black actor to appear on the drama series, Downton Abbey, had no part in the Julian Fellowes movie, which opened in US theaters on Friday.

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