6 Unexpected And Creative Ways To Invest Your Money

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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Oct. 9, 2019: It is a well-known fact that when people think of saving money, images of banks and securities often come to mind. While that once was the best solution to providing a nest-egg for the future, with the rising inflation and sinking annual average percentage rate provided on banking savings accounts, people that stow money away into banks are actually losing approximately 2 percent of their savings each year. To help you find a better way to keep from losing money as your hard-earned currency sits in a banking account, why not check out these six unexpected and creative ways to invest your money.

Investment Trusts

Small amounts of money are not usually a viable option for investments in real estate, but there is a program the lets you do just that. The Real Estate Investment Trust program offers a safe and secure way for you to invest in a real estate option with others. That means you are one of a larger group, so you split the dividends, income, and problems. You can find two types of programs in investment trusts. The first type is the mortgage REIT which invests in money-producing properties and collects income on the interest of the investments. The second type is the equity REIT which buys into, owns, and operates an income-producing property. Money is generally divided up twice a year, though some distribute quarterly. On average, the yield is about 5 percent annually.

Online Business

If you have a little money, perhaps $10,000, and you may want to invest in a cash producing business online. There are many established businesses working online that allow you to earn a passive income while you diversify any income streams. Most of these online businesses and websites are monetized through the use of affiliate marketing or memberships. Most online businesses can generate up to $1,000 a month. The websites are auctioned online through marketplaces, and there are many available each day. You will have to be an active participant in the business to make it work and grow, but for an immediate return on your investment, this can be an excellent place to put your money.

Emerging Markets

Most people shy away from the newest and latest businesses that come out as public emerging offerings because they are just that – new and unproven. However, there are some investments that can make you millions in a few months. Consider cryptocurrency or the pot industry. Both rose almost over night and took over their respective fields to make the investors millions. Although the ROI was shaky at first as the legality of both issues was questioned, the potential for money growth continued to grow even while the legal battles were being fought. The result was a tripling of investment money in a single year.

Overseas Property

Investing in foreign property doesn’t have to be as daunting as it may seem, and the opportunities for ROI are exceptional. With an average of over 15 percent return, it can be a secure way to earn a second income. Because there could be complications with foreign capital and conversion rates, it is recommended that investors open accounts in local banks like the GBTI that can also help with additional investment capital if you require the money. When locating foreign properties, make sure you have a plan before you spend the money. Also, know the market and how it will influence the growth rate of your investment in the coming years.

Begin Blogging

You may have heard the term a million times and wondered how someone could make a living blogging, but there are people that make a six-figure income from blogs every month. If you are building a company and you love spending time on the internet, this may be the way for you to do something you love while making additional money. The way a blog generates money is by referring people to items, businesses, or products that is affiliated with the blog. As your audience numbers grow and your referrals have more power within the numbers, your money grows as well.

Consulting Business

Everyone is an expert on something, and everyone has the ability to enrich the life of someone else with the knowledge they have gained just by living their life. That is the basis of the new consulting model, which requires people to do nothing more than teaching others what they already know. It could be making a craft, working on computers, or coaching people to overcome something. You wouldn’t need to hire anyone, but you could join an existing group by buying into the company. If you want to do it on your own, just advertise your services in your local area.

Everyone should be cautious when investing, but after doing your due diligence, if the investment looks like a good ROI, why not give it a chance? You never know what the future may bring, so make it what you want it to become.