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News Americas,  NEW YORK, NY, Fri. June 7, 2019: Here are the top stories making news from across Latin America for the week-ending June 7, 2019:

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Citibank and Deutsche Bank have taken control of around $1.4 billion of Venezuelan government gold, Reuters reports indicate.

Donald Trump’s tariff on Mexico could be delayed past Monday as talks continue today.

Venezuela is now a top source of U.S. asylum claims, posing a challenge for Donald Trump.

Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega has agreed to a June 18th deadline to free all political prisoners.

El Salvador’s ex-President, Tony Saca, has pleaded guilty to bribing a judicial official to leak information in a civil case against him.

Guatemala says it is working with the US to break up migrant caravans and subject families to DNA testing.

Chinese ride-hailing firm, Didi, has announced moves into Chile and Colombia to double its presence in the region.

Sweden’s IKEA is set to enter mainland Latin America with store in Mexico.

Najila Trindade, who has accused Brazilian soccer star Neymar of rape, has appeared on television in Brazil.

And Shakira has denied any wrongdoing in her appearance before a Spanish judge in a $16.4 million tax evasion case.

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