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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Dec. 28, 2012: Call it momentous for me and this series. Please do!

100 consecutive commentaries about Barack Obama and his Presidency never missing a week since I began early in 2011! Now I need to make this week special in honor.

But I don’t think I can! Why?

Because there is nothing special about the Obama Presidency which is the theme that has been at the core of this long series! The mendacity of Barack Obama as President when he promised us so, so, so much more when he first ran in 2008 and delivering nothing more than a typical and largely ineffective Presidency the last 4 years.

In his case by definition making such promises and not delivering them make him a LIAR which you might say ‘distinguishes” his Presidency. Never has any President promised so much and then NOT delivered so much.

If you don’t like liar try Con Man.

Another way to describe an individual who makes promises to get what he wants then does not deliver the goods. Am I being too harsh have I been too hard for 100 episodes now? Only if you are a sucker who likes to be deceived!

We all want, or at least most of us the voting majority want, a new vision from our government which by definition must be centered around the President we elect as the defining element in that vision. A vision created America!

Obama realized that when he ran in 2008 and so built a campaign and a message that supposedly offered us just that a new vision something very different and being an African American made him even more believable.

Of course we all said consciously or beyond our consciousness, IF a Black American got to The White House became President he surely would not fall into the trap. He surely would demand change and a better deal from government for all of us. Blacks have been abused and lied to for so long by government, they know no better.

Except Barack Obama is NOT a Black President beyond the rather superficial color of his skin which he used to great advantage. Barack Obama could just as easily be the latest standard White U.S. President. He thinks and acts no differently. He does not fight for all of us any more than would any other typical Democratic President who is definitely NOT a Change Master.

What you in the distance think differently?

Where is your proof???

You simply just want to believe what isn’t there is because you don’t want to look into the Abyss of the Obama Presidency. That will produce hopelessness for you. If Barack Obama was not the Change Master what chance is there any other Presidential candidate will be. Not much.

We know the standard retort. It’s called circular logic. Well what else could President Obama do? He has so many critics and so many are against him. That is not answer it is a lame excuse. The answer is that he could LEAD which is in effect and his words what he promised to do. Instead Barack Obama is WEAK a very WEAK President and why the Republicans can do what they get away with. Blocking even many of his very typical efforts the same kind Bill or Hillary Clinton or John Kerry or any other Democratic Status Quo WHITE as President would offer us.

And that is just not good enough both in terms of what Obama promised and promises or no promises the Status Quo agenda is just NO good. Because the future is not the past! The Republicans are not going to deliver a future we want or need and neither is Barack Obama and “his” Party.

So what are we going to do now???

I know what I am going to do keep pounding away at the FAILURES of Barack Obama week after week every week until January 20, 2017, when mercifully the Obama Presidency will finally end.

We will be done with his Hypocrisy as he and Michelle go on to be richly rewarded $$$$$ for all they have done to maintain the Status Quo for 8 very, very long years.

But that is all we have. Thank God that so far anyway the one Truth we can count on is that none of these guys can get away with serving as President for more than 8 years.

At least we get to see them go and can get some very small satisfaction from their departure. It’s called crumbs.

I truly wish I had a more upbeat historic 100th episode to offer but all I’ve got to work with is Reality. Sad to say!

Next week after all the non-celebrating is over I’ll be back to detailing the dismal Obama Presidency as Obama’s second term soon begins after beating an idiot opponent.

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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