Obama’s America – Episode 109 – Michelle, America’s Evita!

Don’t Cry For Me ……. ”
By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Mar. 1, 2013: This weekly commentary is about the real Barack Obama you don’t read elsewhere. Typically Michelle Obama only creeps in here or there as an afterthought. I was all set to write more about Barack and health care this week and how different the reality is from what he is selling us about ObamaCare. Now that will have to wait. Maybe next week!

Michelle Obama just caught my eye with her statement as reported in the New York Times today and following her “award winning” performance at the Academy Awards. Well I could not resist. Michelle this is your moment in Obama’s America!

This caught my attention most of all ….

“Mrs. Obama elaborated on what being part of the first African-American couple in the White House – and one of the iPhone generation – had meant. “We’re a young couple, we have young kids, we grew up with limited means,’’ she said. “Our stories are the stories of so many faceless, voiceless people.” She added, “My life isn’t new, but it’s new to a lot of people who haven’t seen this up close and personal.”

That’s right Michelle’s story is the story of the faceless, voiceless people.

Or so she says!

And that she and Barack grew up poor.

Or so she says!

It’s just more of the Big Lie that keeps coming out of this White House.

And did you know this the ONLY reason Michelle agreed to make a very glitzy high profile appearance at the Oscars in her super expensive metallic dress is ….

“Announcing the name of the best picture via satellite for the Oscars, was an extension of Michelle Obama’s interest in promoting the arts among children, her principal constituency, and if people didn’t like it, that was unsurprising and not particularly bothersome,” she said on Thursday.”

That’s right! Michelle made that sacrifice for the “children.” Isn’t she something!

And it’s not just the Academy Awards. Michelle is everywhere on TV. You name the show if she hasn’t been on it recently, just wait. She’ll be there soon!

And she only does it for the children. All those poor disadvantage children, like her and Barack, who knew the sting of poverty and rejection and a lack of opportunity until MAGICALLY Barack Obama became President!! Praise the Lord!

Now if you say to yourself how was a kid like young Barack Obama who lived in Hawaii and went to the schools all the elite kids went to and played basketball under idyllic conditions and smoked lots of pot before going on to Harvard or Michelle who went to Princeton University along with her brother, and then on to a prestigious law form as a young attorney how are Michelle and Barack examples of the downtrodden, your guess is as good as mine. But it sure sounds good to say!

Regardless it’s all for the “children;” yes even the lies.

Michelle makes it clear again and again and again throughout this interview reported in The New York Times, today, Thursday, February 28, 2013.

Mother Teresa and/or Evita in The White House, in expensive designer clothes!

How dare you be Cynical? Don’t even think the “children” are a cover for Michelle taking care of Michelle very, very well indeed. And worst of all, outrageous is too tame a word for those who have criticized her Academy Awards appearance as self-serving, show boating, and stamping her growing ties to the Hollywood elite who invested countless millions in both her husband’s Presidential campaigns and who can be expected to take very, very good care of Barack and Michelle after his Presidency is over too.

I mean, what does Michelle gain from all her HARD work on behalf of the “children?”

And don’t you dare criticize all those big luxurious U.S. government jets Michelle constantly uses – no not Air Force One her personal U.S. air force – to go on her many vacations and to go to all those shows she appears on and take along dozens of friends and of course her White House staff and lots of Secret Service ..

Michelle is only doing it for the “children.”

She just took a skiing trip where the elite meet in the snow Vail, Colorado flying a big govt. jet along with her entourage. Barack took Air Force One to Florida for golf.

Let me say it again, Michelle only took that trip for the “children.” Get it?
If you don’t believe me here is more from the interview n her own words …..

“I have a special affinity for kids,” she said. “We love our kids so much, and it is very hard not to see our kids in every child we meet. I am powerfully moved by children. I need to have them in my life. They keep me focused, they keep me directed.”

The article then states …

“While emphasizing that “whatever I do will involve kids,” Mrs. Obama declined to provide specific new agenda items. She was repeatedly asked if she would work to push President Obama’s gun agenda, for example, and demurred.”

What exactly is The Times trying to do? Embarrass this Great Woman!

But Thank God Michelle added ….

“If I do anything internationally, I want it to dovetail with the work I do domestically,” making certain that “my time outside of the country is linking back and being real to people here.”

Did you pick up the operative word from Michelle? INTERNATIONALLY!

She wants to do more to help the “children” by traveling outside the U.S. more.

God Above thank you for delivering us Michelle Obama! By big plane or anyway!

Now Michelle is even willing these next 4 years to travel the world frequently for the “children.” Is there anything she won’t do for the “children?”

Again, go AWAY you Cynics ….

Yes, of course Michelle will be using the largest jets in the U.S. government fleet even more to travel the world. Yes, she will be visiting lots of exotic lands – and bringing her daughters when she can. And yes of course she will bring many friends and advisors she has to, even if it requires two or three planes for these trips. And yes all the Secret Service, White House staff, special vehicles is required and its not her choice. She is the FIRST Lady.

All any of us need to know is ..

Michelle is doing it all for the “children.”

Thank God for Michelle Obama. It’s worth repeating!

Our very own Evita Perone!

And now an encore from the musical “Evita” for Michelle …

And as for fortune and as for fame
I never invited them in
Though it seemed to the world
They were all I desired
They are illusions
They’re not the solutions
They promise to be
The answer was here all the time
I love you and hope you love me

Don’t cry for me …..

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.