Obama’s America – Episode 119 – Obama’s Penny Problem Hypocrisy Without Limit

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There Is A Dirty Penny In This Pile!
a href=”https://www.newsamericasnow.com/?s=arthur+piccolo”>By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 10, 2013: Oh every time it rains ….

It rains pennies from heaven

Don’t you know each cloud contains

Pennies from heaven

You’ll find your fortune

Fallin’ all over town

Be sure that your umbrella is upside down

Trade them for a package of sunshine and flowers

It you want the things you love

You must have showers
So when you hear it thunder

Don’t run under a tree

There’ll be pennies from heaven

For you and me

SING IT Billie Holiday ….


Washington, DC! The only place in the world where the ultimate job everyone wants is to be a Secretary! Including Billionaires!

So Barack has truly revealed himself once again with this nominee. It is one any logical thoughtful savvy President would not have.

Penny Pritzker, his nominee for Secretary of Commerce, is yet again a highlight of Obama’s hypocrisy. Who is Penny Pritzker? The Billionaire Heiress of the Hyatt hotels family fortune. She is also from Chicago – just like Barack and Michelle – and surprise their good friend! Most important of all, their very good $$$$ friend. Some say she did more than anyone else to put Obama in The White House.

So far, so good you may say. To the victor goes the spoils.

To begin, that is not the message that got Change Master Obama elected President of the United States. But there is a far bigger problem here.

Heiress Penny Pritzker has a fondness for not paying taxes; aggressively using off shore accounts and other tax avoidance strategies. Now that is a very big problem for a President who has made one of his signature issues everybody paying their fair share and ending tax loopholes.

So why did he do it? I’m here once again to tell you his real agenda.

It begins with the fact Penny wanted Barack to name her Secretary of Commerce after he got elected the first time. He didn’t for this very reason – her “tax problem.” NO, NO, NO, not because that was antithetical to his message of change, but BECAUSE it could have become a problem for his re-election to a second term. Obama no longer has a re-election problem and thank God neither do the rest of us. Goodbye Barack on January 20, 2017. That brings us back to Penny Pritzker.

As I have been trying to school you in my Commentaries, what is important for Barack and Michelle now is preparing for the after-life – Life after The White House – when their goal is I have predicted to become the first Billionaire Former First Couple or at the very least, having the Presidency make them even richer than Bill and Hillary have become after 8 years in The White House. Very rich indeed!

How do former U.S. Presidents become rich??

It is easy and obvious. Use the power of the Presidency while in Office to take care of our friends as only a U.S. President can do. There are all kinds of ways. It depends on the needs and the wishes of your friends.

The easiest way which Obama is using as vigorously is to “sell” Ambassadorships. Name individuals who have been major campaign contributors. That would not do for Penny Pritzker – she is way beyond such minor posts as Ambassador to Britain or France or pick any country you like. Even though doing so would have prevented this “Dirty” Penny becoming a big problem for Obama. His reputation more than anything else. Although that is already long gone anyway.

No for Penny it has to be far better- being named to the Cabinet and all the pomp that goes with it and the official luxury U.S. plane to use.

I must also mention of course that thesee same individuals and many others benefit in far more rewarding way by increasing their wealth with new laws; better yet hidden provisions of new laws, regulation changes, big government contracts and much more. But we never get to see those lists of goodies indeed – no list exist that might be found out.

All that said we are once again back to Penny Pritzker.

Yes it’s time to haul out The New York Times. Here is how they explained the Dirty Penny problem this week ….

“Republican senators are likely to be interested in the Pritzker family’s reputation as innovators in the use of offshore trusts and foreign bank secrecy laws to shelter their wealth from income, capital gains and inheritance taxes. Even after tax code loopholes were closed, the family’s trusts were grandfathered in and it kept benefiting from them.”

Now for my smarter readers – you already see the silver (how appropriate) lining here for Penny and Barack and why they are hopeful they can slip this by the American people and without a media frenzy.

The key words from this Times quote are the first two “Republican senators.” Are the Republicans going to make a Big Stink about confirming Penny’s appointment when the Republicans even have more big money supporters who use these same tax avoidance techniques, and in fact the Republicans are front and center in protecting these tax schemes.

This could go either way because Penny is so inviting a target and voters would appreciate Republicans exposing her and doing something for a change. No doubt if they could have it both ways they would. So my expectation is they will run for cover and protect their rich Republican base from the exact same criticism Penny is vulnerable. They may take a few weak shots at her to maintain a modicum of credibility but nothing like the way they go after gun registration advocates or those ‘soft’ on immigration.

So once again Obama will probably avoid the scrutiny and exposing the hypocritical nature of yet another decision he deserves but does not get except here in Obama’s America. Penny will get what she wants to be a Secretary with the Title, the Big Office., The Big Government Jet, the phalanx of Secret Service agents to surround her, the Official Motorcade where ever she goes, etc. etc, the regular Cabinet Meetings at The White House, all the kind of stuff all her Billions cannot buy her.

Excuse me, it just did! Thanks Barack. Michelle too!

How about an encore from Billie Holiday for all three …


About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.