Obama’s America – Episode 121 – What About ‘Apple’ Barack Obama’s Broken Tax Code?

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“ Silence Please ”
By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May. 24, 2013: Obama’s favorite phrase …who me?

He takes responsibility for nothing. Of course he says he does.

It’s always the other guys who aren’t doing what is right or left.

Obama’s Presidency is all about showing up.

Witness the revelations about Apple’s taxes. You might think President Obama would have used this opportunity to condemn Apple for maliciously (my word) for avoiding billions in taxes it should have paid on its wild profitability for years.

What has Obama said in response to the Senate hearings which exposed that Apple is paying virtually no taxes on over $100 billion it has stashed off shore. The fact that Apple has for years used the best planned and systematic means ever employed by to avoid more U.S. taxes than any company in history.

Surprised? President Obama has said nothing at all.

The same President who constantly speaks in broad generalities about the need for tax reform and tax “fairness.” How could he have passed up this golden opportunity to hammer home the message how unfair and broken the U.S. tax system is?

Here is why Obama said nothing in case you have not learned the lessons I have been delivering for week after week and month after month and soon year after year. Because Obama’s priority is his friends and supporters just like all the other Clowns in DC. And taking care of #1 + Michelle now and most of all later when for example either or better both can sit on the Apple board and make millions $$$ each for doing nothing at all.

Apple as a company with many wealthy employees who have been favorable to Obama’s campaigns and Apple as the ultimate symbol of an entire industry hi-tech and a very rich and powerful place Silicon Valley – Obama does not want to annoy any of them.

There is an even deeper problem here with Obama.

There is only one solution to the outdated and riddled U.S. tax code. It needs to be scraped completely and replaced with an entirely new system. But Obama is not about real change and never was. As we all should know by now only too painfully well. Talk of change was nothing more than a campaign slogan to get elected.

Barack Obama is all about maintaining the Status Quo. Is it possible some of you are actually shocked to learn this. Then let me repeat it.

Barack Obama is all about maintaining the Status Quo.

Let’s understand being less right wing than the Whackos nor is proposing all kinds of secondary legislation as every President does is not any challenge to the Status Quo. When we judge change by their recurring inconsequential activities that are the stock in trade of traditional politician all we do is ignore the reality of the Status Quo.

Protecting the Status Quo means never proposing real change!

What has Obama ever proposed that is going to bring fundamental change to America? What that he has ever proposed is goes to the heart of the massive problems facing the country and our future. What will we to remember Obama’s Presidency for? Nothing!

Let me give you the Con Man’s reply to this plea which Obama is expert.

It makes no sense to propose REAL change because it will never make it through Congress so let’s work on what might but still almost never does. What is Con man crafty about this reply is 1) it gives the impression that the speaker wants real change but is frustrated by forces beyond their control, but 2) that anything less but possible is worthwhile, and worst of all, 3) that under the circumstance it makes no sense to be making the case for and pushing for REAL change.

WRONG.WRONG.WRONG … on every count.

Those excuses are just smoke screens for the goal of protecting the Status Quo in Washington and everywhere. Real leaders LEAD which mean championing the most difficult causes that is what defines what should be called Leadership. Second you will NEVER get what you don’t ask for. So using excuses for nor proposing real change makes it absolutely certain what is NOT proposed will never happen.

Even more in proposing serious real dramatic change those who oppose it are forced to address and skilled leaders will effectively use their opposition against them exposing how the fraudulent basis and their hypocritical reasons for opposing change is only to protect the problems which demand real change from change. Further to which a leader will only rally large numbers of individuals to any cause if it is substantial. Americans are not going to be aroused in large numbers by the endless mindless legislation that Presidents and Congress seek then spend months debating and often doing nothing at all.

So again this week the proof is available for all to see.

Why didn’t President Obama make use of this unbelievable and outrageous exposure of Apple which has this undeserved reputation as a great company that reflects the best of American business and which was created and led for so many years by a truly visionary founder Steve Jobs the ultimate business leader of our time. Why didn’t Obama use this chance to expose the lies, that Apple is the worst tax cheat in history and Steve Jobs most memorable “contribution” was to build a culture at Apple where GREED is priority #1?

Why not because: 1:) Obama is not a leader, 2:) Obama is Con Man, 3:) Obama’s real agenda as President is to protect the Status Quo, and 4) take care of himself $$$.

End of this short story and this week’s episode of Obama’s America.

More Barack Obama reality next week!

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.