By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 18, 2013: Here he goes again. More BS from President Obama. What a surprise! (not).

At least no one should be surprised. After “winning” through no fault of his own, now Obama’s message is let’s all cooperate. Should we cooperate with foreign terrorists?? No. So why should we cooperate with domestic terrorists? Specifically political terrorists commonly called right wing Republicans, more specifically Tea Party supporters.

It is nothing but another debasement of language for these right wing whackos to even use the name Tea Party, somehow reference themselves to the patriots who dumped tea in Boston harbor in 1773 to protest British oppression.

What happened in Washington these past weeks is an abomination and Obama’s call for cooperation today is just the latest example we do NOT have a leader for President – not by a long shot. What is really going on is that Status Quo Barack is gloating over the fact these Republicans decided not to commit suicide this week and allow the government to default. In Obama’s weird world and most of the media’s, that passes for a victory.

Some victory! And there is irony too as always.

In a desperate attempt to make a deal, here is what the Republicans got believe it or not. Obama and the Democrats agreed that those seeking subsidized medical insurance under Obama Care will actually have to prove that their income qualifies them for the government to pay for part or all of their insurance. That’s right! Obama’s massive legislation, hundreds of page in length had no provision at all that when anyone applies for insurance on one of the exchanges, that their income would be verified. In effect it was going to be illegal for the govt. to check if anyone is lying to get “free” medical insurance under Obama Care. Does anyone conceivably believe that was a clerical error?

Try this on for size. Obama is so desperate to make it appear that Obama Care is working that they decided it was worth doing anything possible to encourage individuals and families to sign up so they literally decided to make it so enticing that you could lie to get cheap health insurance.
Sounds bizarre. It is and it isn’t. Until the “compromise” that averted default on Wednesday evening even a Fat Cat Millionaire could have claimed poverty and the govt. would have subsidized their Obama Care and there was nothing the government was going to do about it except pay up, and no penalty for lying.

And the entire media has also ignored this blaring intentional flaw in the law.

ONLY because the U.S. was on the way to default and disaster NOW Obama agreed that it will be illegal to lie to get subsidized medical insurance from the government. That is the “compromise” (sic) Obama was willing to make to get Republican votes.

Here is what he and the Democrats were not willing to give the Republicans and would have allowed default to occur. Stripped from the legislation was the provision eliminating BIG medical insurance subsidies for members of Congress and their well paid staff, and various upper income members of the Executive branch from getting automatic subsidies of up to $12,000 a year under Obama care that they do NOT qualify for because their income is too high, and subsidies no other Americans qualify or will get except they could have too previously by “legally” lying about their income.

So members of Congress and the others still keep their $12,000 rip off.

So let me keep this brief this week.

We don’t need cooperation with a degenerate class of Republicans who tried their best to destroy our government like the two stupid White Boys – Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor and the Wacko Latino Ted Cruz.

Nor do we need recalcitrant Democrats like Barack Obama and Harry Reid and the rest of their Boys who find “victory” in not allowing default that they would have had they not gotten their Obama Care $$$$ goodies they never deserved.

We don’t need cooperation among any of these Dinosaurs for us or our future.

We need change. Big, big change in Washington and across the nation!

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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