Obama’s America – Episode 146 – Oprah Plays The Obama Race Card

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Pick A Card, any Card.
By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 15, 2013: When things get bad …

bring out the cards, and they are Real Bad for President Barack Obama right now.

So it’s a surprise Oprah Winfrey waited this long to stand up for her longtime Chicago buddy, Barack. But now they are in free fall when even Obama’s Inside the Beltway Democrat Elite in Congress are getting ready to abandon ship.

So here’s the deal – Oprah in her self-serving way decided to pull out the Card and place it clearly on the table at the BBC across the ocean rather than more visibly here in the U.S. And she hid further, using a PR pitch for her new movie ‘The Butler,’ to do the deed.

The long and short of the broadcast interview this week is that Barack Obama’s problems are not his lack of leadership, or his failed Obamacare, or his widespread spying on Americans, or his unequaled record deporting many thousands of immigrants, or his fondness for the Keystone pipeline, or his unrestrained fund raising machine, or his many hypocrisies, or the plight of the middle class and the poor, or his weak foreign policy presence, or on and on ..

NO way! None of that is real! Barack Obama’s only problem is that the U.S. is a racist nation, or more specifically there are many American racists who have “united” to destroy Barack Obama for one reason – he is Black.

What is most fascinating of all with the interview and comments Oprah made on BBC, is just the fact for her that racism is the problem, she does not need to substantiate her claims to anyone who would ask for evidence or facts – since that well that just proves they are a racist!
Oprah just barrels on knowing the Absolute Truth. Absolute self-righteousness was her all purpose battle gear.

Here is the only real question? Did Oprah concoct this on her own or was it at the urging of Barack and Michelle to try and put critics on the defensive. Either way, Oprah’s statement that racism is at the heart of the problems Obama is having as President – amounts to a trial balloon to see how well the “message” works if it can be brought back from foreign trials and ratcheted up here in the States and get the media to pick it up Big Time.

In a perverted way, you have to sympathize with Barack Obama and his most prominent buddy, reaching for the Race Card. What other options does he have to try and justify for one of the worst Presidencies in U.S. history, and the fact in spite of their down the toilet rating, that Obama may hand the Republican big Congressional victories in 2014.

Since Oprah and this nonsense in Britain let me turn to another notable British media property, The Economist, and a recent article to illustrate how dismal Obama’s Presidency is unless this article is another example of the racism trying to bring down the Obama Presidency internationally …

The article is titled: “WHOOPS Barack Obama’s supporters are worried that he is a terrible manager” ( pg. 29, 11/2/13) ..

“As Americans grouch about the bungled launch of Barack Obama’s most important domestic reform, the rest of the world is furious to learn that his National Security Agency (NSA) has tapped the phones of America’s allies such as Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, and hoovered up details of their citizens’ communications. That these two things should happen at the same time is coincidence. Yet there is something that connects them.?

“Yet in two areas where he is unambiguously in charge—the federal health-care exchange and the NSA—he seems bored by the daily tasks of governing and reluctant to question those who work for him. The president does not seem to be a good manager, and voters have noticed (see chart).”

Or how about this criticism from The New York Times, November 1, 2013? Is this another example of racism the fact that the richest Americans have done fabulously well with Obama as President through good times and bad?

Titled, “High Income, Low Taxes and Never a Bad Year”

( surely Very, Very Rich Oprah appreciates this article !! )

Let me quote …

“Plenty of people did get hit in 2009, including people at the very top. But all things are relative. The fortunate 400 people with the highest adjusted gross incomes still made, on average, $202 million each in 2009, according to the Internal Revenue Service data. And this doesn’t even count income that doesn’t show up as adjusted gross income, such as tax-exempt interest.”

“Yet the top 400 paid an average federal income tax rate of less than 20 percent, far lower than the top rate of 35 percent then in effect.”

“They also paid a lower rate than the top 1 percent, which were people with adjusted gross incomes in 2009 of at least $344,000. These affluent but hardly superrich taxpayers paid on average just over 24 percent of their adjusted gross income in federal income tax. Even the top 0.01 percent, people earning at least $1.4 million, paid 24 percent.”

“The top 400 have enormously high incomes even after the dip,” said Leonard E. Burman, director the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center and professor of public policy at Maxwell School at Syracuse University. “It’s still over $200 million each. And yet they’re still paying at a lower rate.”

“Even in a bad year like 2009, the federal tax code at the very top is regressive, not progressive.”

That from The New York Times!

Looks like there is no doubt about it Barack Obama is such a good President for the 1% and all his so called failures are nothing but racist attacks.

Hey Oprah lets’ take a closer look at that deck of cards.

It sure looks like a marked deck you are dealing the rest of us.

Wow what a surprise!

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.