“Real Gold For You And We Have Lots More”
“Real Gold For You And We Have Lots More”

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Feb. 14, 2014: What’s an example of an oxymoron? Try the Saudi ROYAL Family.

For our intellectually challenged readers. What is an oxymoron?

An oxymoron is a figure of speech that juxtaposes apparently contradictory elements. Now do you understand why the Saudi Royal Family is one.

Because a bunch of Thugs in whites sheets get away with those like Barack Obama calling them Royals, Kings and Princes. No there are no queens or princesses in the House of Saud. All women are treated like modern day slaves in Saudi Arabia. Women can be jailed for years for offenses like …

Driving a  car!

Not only does President Barack Obama have no problem with the pathetic Saudi rulers. He is going there in March to beg their forgiveness for negotiating with Iran instead of bombing them senseless, and for not sending American soldiers to Syria to be slaughtered and doing the “royals” bidding.

Obama may also have another reason for visiting these Thugs. No, not because he LOVES flying around on Air Force One. Everyone knows that. No need to announce it.

Another announcement was curiously made about the same time. Earlier than any other President before him, Obama announced plans for his Presidential Library, equivalent to the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs building pyramids to deify themselves in splendor.

Specifically and more to the point, Barack Obama just created The Barack H. Obama Foundation to raise $$$$$ to build his post-Presidential palace. It’s too early to know if it will be in Chicago or New York City (God forbid) or in Hawaii. Who knows? Maybe even traveling here there and everywhere on a replica of Air Force One. It doesn’t matter. What does is that it will be very expensive and the government only pays for record keeping not the Taj Mahal itself that former Presidents crave to keep their memory alive.

So where is all the money to come from??

From generous donors around the world who as a public service want to keep history alive.. And who has more oil money than they know what to do with .. BINGO!
But let’s leave that as speculation and concentrate on the facts of Obama’s upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia, when rather he should be REFUSING to set foot in Saudi Arabia as long as these Goons are in control of that country.

Did I say GOONS? Yes I did. Time to turn to my media sources again ….

How about the well-respected Economist Magazine for a change, and their article, February 1, 2014, titled “No Satisfaction.” To quote the article ..

“MONEY can buy many things: luxury, influence, security—and even time. How frustrating, then, to be vastly rich but never quite to get what you want. Such is the dilemma faced by the world’s richest family, the Al Sauds of Saudi Arabia.”

“Yet rather than the ebullience you might expect, the mood among Saudi Arabia’s 30m residents (a third of whom are foreign workers and their dependants) is one of nagging unease. Even as shiny new buildings, universities, “financial centres” and entire cities sprout, the machinery of government has remained as creakily top-down and tangled in red tape as ever. And even as Saudis grow ever more sophisticated and worldly—about 160,000 of them are studying abroad on government scholarships, and those left behind are among the world’s heaviest internet addicts—social, political and religious strictures remain stifling.”

“The government keeps people quiet with money, and in the rare cases where that doesn’t work, with threats,” says a diplomat in Riyadh. “But this is not a happy place.” For one thing, ordinary Saudis have no say in where the money is spent. All too often what they see, following the much-trumpeted princely opening of each new project, is vast empty buildings and unused facilities. What they hear is tales of which privileged courtier or business mogul has pocketed how much.”

“King Abdullah, now at least 90, is seen as beholden to a small circle of advisers and sons, with rival courts surrounding the 83-year-old crown prince, Salman, and other contenders for the succession.”

That’s enough. The fact is Saudi Arabia is a dictatorship in which citizens let alone hoards of migrant workers have no rights at all, and women worst of all who have a problem in Daudi Arabia if they are even seen out in public without the presence of a male and walking behind him even better.

How about democracy, voting, elected officials? They are all oxymorons in Saudi Arabia. And what is this House of Saud? From Wikipedia: “By 1932, Ibn Saud had disposed of all his main rivals and consolidated his rule over much of the Arabian Peninsula. He declared himself king of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that year.” In other words he butchered all his enemies and then took over this large region of the Middle East. From thug to” king.”

Now Obama is going there to beg his family’s forgiveness. How pathetic!

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