Obama’s America – Episode 165 – Did You Hear The One About Barack Obama And The Pope?


Barack Obama, Pope Francis
“Francis, How About This One?”

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Mar. 28, 2014: President Obama says to Pope Francis: let’s have some fun and swap our big bullet proof limousines for a day. But I don’t have a big limousine Barack, says the Pope. Ok, how about this Pope Francis, let’s swap our big very expensive jets for a day, says Barack. But I don’t have a big jet Barack, said the Pope. Ok, ok, how about this? Why not swap The White House for your luxurious Vatican apartment for a day, said Barack. But I don’t live there Barack, I have a small room in a cheap hotel, added Pope Francis.

Well then what can we swap Pope Francis?

How about I be President for a day and you be Pope?

Are you kidding and live like you do? No way! Plus you don’t play golf.

So what really happened is that President Obama and Pope Francis met and shared their concern for the poor and the gap between the poor and the rich.

Not that is a very funny story.

Neither of them, regardless of their life styles, is having any impact at all in changing the world and making it a fair deal for everyone. It is even easier to be less critical of Barack Obama than Pope Francis, no matter how surprising that sounds. Obama does not wear his concern on his cheap sleeve while denouncing the fate of the poor. Barack lives rich indeed.

You know Obama’s BS about inequality and poverty with his and his wife’s life style of the very, very rich and pampered while Pope Francis goes around cultivating his image as the Pope of the misbegotten living so modestly.

If President Obama had a moral leg to stand on here is what he should have said to Pope Francis: enough symbolism Pope Francis …

TIME TO PUT UP OR SHUT UP! Do something for the poor & downtrodden! Name names and publicly condemn the offenders.

Enough symbolism without substance!

Of course that is the last thing Obama would say because that is his message too, minus some of Francis’ theatrics.

Let’s see what the mainline media had to say about their meeting today that should be good for some comic relief. Might as well turn to my most reliable source: The New York Times. It justifies my subscription cost.

Here we go …

“In the 52 minutes that Mr. Obama spent on Thursday sitting across from Francis at a spare desk with a small, golden crucifix, those disputes seemed to fade away. According to Mr. Obama, the discussion was instead focused on two areas: how to help the poor and marginalized around the world and how to confront conflicts that test the limits of peace.”

Well that’s pretty funny especially the part about the poor.

Exactly what did they decide to do about it except talk about their concern!

Nothing at all. Very funny!

There is more …

“We actually didn’t talk a whole lot about social schisms,” Mr. Obama told reporters a few hours after the private audience with the pontiff. “His Holiness and the Vatican have been clear on a range of issues. Some of them I differ with. Most of them I heartily agree with.”


“Each seemed eager to use the meeting to further his own broader agenda. In his first year as pope, Francis has sought to shift the church’s public emphasis to themes of mercy and forgiveness and the plight of the world’s poor. Receiving the American president gave him another very high-profile chance to do just that.”

That’s even better … Pope Francis with the American champion of the poor.

But Obama topped that easily with this very funny line  …

“In a similar way, Mr. Obama has said he intends to spend the balance of his second term bolstering the fortunes of the middle class and reducing income inequality in the United States. Associating himself with Francis on those issues offered at least the aura of support from a global leader.”

It’s great to be able to look good on issues you do nothing about. They can both thank God for having such a pliant media.

To bad Pope Francis did remind President Obama poverty has increased, the rich have gotten even richer and the gap between the rich and the rest of us has gotten even wider in the U.S. since Obama has been President.

Hey no way they were having too much fun telling stories to each other ….

These two make a great comedy team.

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.