Obama’s America – Episode 173 – Obama’s Whacky Foreign Policy – Clueless!

“Putin Take A Hike I Don’t Like You”
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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 23, 2014: Here is an interesting fantasy.

Imagine if we had a real President in The White House.

Instead of the not great Pretender Barack Obama.

This week’s lesson – Ukraine. Yes we covered it before but it is so instructive, I think it is worth going over again. So no one misses the point. Plus my favorite source wrote an editorial this week as bizarre as it is that their intent was to in fact encourage Obama in his Foreign Madness.

Maybe they are smoking medical marijuana in the Times executive offices claiming they live in New Jersey so it’s ok. I don’t know, I don’t care how or why they wrote this ridiculous editorial; all I care is they did and it is so, so good for exposing Obama’s insanity in treating Russia like a U.S. colony.

There are three countries in the world today with the most clout the U.S., China and Russia. Obama goes out of his way to tolerate China because of the very negative implications in not doing so for U.S. interests even though China is one of the most repressive regimes on Earth with not even a hint of democracy or free speech and rulers who steal as much as they want.

Obama would not even think of pummeling China or worse its leader the way he has been doing to Vladimir Putin and the Russians over the Ukraine. And that is why I am enthralled by the Times editorial this week which clarifies the absurdity as they intended to deliver a very different message.

So thank you New York Times for literally writing this episode of Obama’s America. No need for me to create my own prose you have done so well hear and all I have to do is quote much of the editorial to make my point about Barack Obama’s clueless response to Ukraine and how all he has done is damage U.S. interest by lowering Americas’ standing in the real world and making an enemy of Russia for no good reason at all.

So here is much of the Times editorial about the Ukraine which explains all too clearly who exactly Obama is backing in his attacks on Russia:
The title of the editorial “A Critical Election in Ukraine.” (really)

“The election itself will not solve Ukraine’s problems unless a new president can also address the deep corruption and cronyism that have been a hallmark of Ukrainian government since independence in 1991. The front-runner in the presidential race is Petro Poroshenko, a 48-year-old tycoon known as the Chocolate King for his candy empire.”

“But the fact is, Mr. Poroshenko is also a member of the clique of very rich businessmen who have been at the root of the corruption of Ukrainian government. So are two of his rivals in the race  – Yulia Tymoshenko, the former prime minister who made a fortune in energy deals, and Sergey Tigipko, a banker and member of Parliament.”

“Like Russian oligarchs, the Ukrainian tycoons made their fortunes in the chaotic privatization of state assets that followed the collapse of Communist rule. Like the Russians, they hide much of their shady wealth abroad. But, in Ukraine, the oligarchs have been far more closely involved in politics, often changing sides as political winds shifted. Mr. Poroshenko, for example, was foreign minister under the West-leaning Viktor Yushchenko, and then economics minister under Mr. Yanukovych. So the question is whether an oligarch-president, most likely Mr. Poroshenko, will mean business as usual, or whether the new leader can really give Ukraine a clean start.”

That’s enough.

So what does any rationale human being think even if The Times doesn’t? The most corrupt individuals in Ukraine who are also the richest because the stole all of the countries valuable assets and put them in their name in the chaos following the collapse of the Soviet Empire. Who now use their power and wealth to become ever more corrupt and treat Ukraine like their private fiefdom and treat most Ukrainians like serfs are the side not only is President Obama and Congress backing, but they are going after Putin and Russia for not buying into this crap …

But rather Putin looking out for fellow Russians in the eastern Ukraine who are treated with nothing but contempt and as inferior by the regime in Kiev now and these same characters who now want to legitimize their rule by an election that will further cement their power grab.

No need to worry about taking sides here either. Anyone can reasonably say if you like both Obama and “his” Kiev oligarchs and Putin and the Russians are acting less than admirably in the Ukraine.

The problem is the kettle Obama is calling the pot Putin black, and making a point of it by savaging the pot to the major detriment of the kettle.

The problem here for the rest of us in not Putin it is clueless Obama who should not be allowed anywhere near American foreign policy.

All we can do is hold on until January 20, 2017 and for now PRAY!




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