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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 31, 2018:  Jamaica police on Thursday reportedly arrested one person in relation to the macabre murder of a 14-year-old Jamaican teen.

The body of Yetanya Francis, known as ‘Princess,’ was found burnt and dumped at the back of a church premises in the 12th Street section of the community of Arnett Gardens in St Andrew, Jamaica, late last week.

Police say they suspect the teen was attacked, raped and then her body burnt and dumped at the spot where it was found on August 24th. Jamaica media reports quoted sources from the area as saying Francis left her home to purchase food at a nearby shop, but never returned. It set off an alarm and residents began searching for the girl.  The search ended in tragedy as the teen’s charred remains were found.

Members of the island’s security forces have aggressively stepped up their search for those responsible for the brutal crime but so far there have been no arrests.

“We are calling on the residents in the area to share what they know with the police as we seek to capture those responsible for this act,” Howard Chambers, Senior Superintendent in charge of the Kingston Western Police Division in which the 12th Street community falls,” was quoted by Loop News Jamaica as saying.

The ghoulish killing comes some two weeks ago after an eight-year-old was reportedly raped in the Trench Town community and over a year since 17-year-old Mickolle Moulton of 10th Street, Zimbabwe in the community also known as ‘Jungle,’ was shot through her bedroom window along with her 12-year-old sister. Mickolle was pronounced dead. It is alleged that Mickolle was killed because she had refused the sexual advances of men in the area.



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