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Kim Kardashian West leaves ‘L’Avenue’ restaurant escoreted by her security Pascal Duvier on October 2, 2016 in Paris, France, a day before the Oct. 3rd robbery. (Photo by Antoine Gyori – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

By NAN ET Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 14, 2016: A lot has been said about Kim Kardashian-West since the now famous Paris robbery of October 3rd. The media can’t get enough of it, with some slamming the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star for causing the multi-million dollar jewelry heist by essentially being too public of her whereabouts and flaunting her wealth on social media.

Still others have brazenly claimed Mrs. Kanye West faked the robbery to get the insurance money to help out her husband, who has said he is broke.

Kardishan-West, who has been a constant fixture on social media, especially Instagram and Twitter, has been conspicuously absent since her last posting on October 2, 2016.

Her sister Khloe, appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016, revealed her famous sister is not doing that well.

And she added. “It’s incredibly traumatic what happened to her.”

Of course it is extremely traumatic for any victim of any robbery – especially if you saw your life flash before your eyes and you thought it would be your last night on earth.

But the reality is Kim, that you are far better off than most victims of robbery and most of the people in this world. Indeed, God has given you a second chance.

So here’s some free PR advice – use that second chance well to do some real good and make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

That is something that can truly be bragged about everywhere, especially on social media and TV and it will help you personally feel better about yourself and your own blessings.

Why not begin with a trip to Haiti? Take  supplies and make the trip – far from the bright lights of the cameras of LA – and personally visit the site of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Matthew and  visit with the many children and families now homeless and barely trying to survive.

This will not only give the media something else to report on other than the robbery, but definitely result in more positive press and a way more positive public impression of you.

Most of all, it will help you overcome your own trauma when you see the trauma and suffering of others and help you grow into a true role model that will leave even the Most High smiling at the way you are using your second chance.

Stop listening to the naysayers Kim; quit feeling sorry for yourself and take this advice, won’t you? It’s solid gold and free to boot!








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