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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. July 6, 2021: Looking for a home in Mexico? At the beginning of the search, it is suggested to put into practice the following tips:

1.- “Keep a cool head”. Try to go accompanied, since the other person will be more objective, since the buyer will focus on certain aspects based on his tastes, but a third party will be able to see in detail the characteristics of the property.

2.-Research. It is important to investigate the cost of the square meter of the area where you want to live.

The purchase of a house must be taken seriously enough because it is good to keep in mind that it will be the place where you intend to live for many years, and as an investment, it must have a good capital gain so that over the years its value will increase.

3.- Consider the location. Pay attention to the neighborhood where you want to live. The security factor will add intangible value to the property.

Likewise, it is necessary to identify if the property to be acquired has emergency exits and if it is not in a risky area. A very busy or narrow street may limit the exit in case of an eventuality or not allow quick access to emergency services.
Analyze the type of construction and age.

These are two characteristics that go hand in hand since age says a lot about the property. If it is an old house, it will be necessary to verify if and when it was remodeled or maintained; in the case of an apartment, verify the maintenance conditions in which it is located, as well as the general condition of the building.

5.- Be aware of the services available. As well as location, services are important. Check that the water, electricity, and drainage services are optimal or at least regular. The lack of water or electricity due to poor service can affect the value of the property in the long run in a tacit way.

It is important to take into account the debts of the services, to verify that the electricity, water, telephone, gas, and property taxes are up to date. Otherwise, these debts will be acquired by the buyer.

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