News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Oct. 2, 2013: When people think of American casinos, it is not surprising that they tend to think exclusively of Las Vegas. Indeed, if you want to enjoy the best of American casino, that is where you should head but do also spare a though for Atlantic City.

Atlantic City is another casino mecca that offers a very different flavor. Atlantic City casinos tend to provide a much more raw experience than those in Las Vegas, though there is one exception, and that is The Borgata.

This is really the only casino in Atlantic City that caters for the more upmarket sector, and it does it very well. Even though the city has seen a huge downturn in gambling revenues in recent years, mainly because of the economic downturn, The Borgata continues to thrive.

If you ever get the chance, then it certainly is worth visiting.

Las Vegas casinos cater for all tastes, though the most up-market one is the Bellagio. Certainly it is one of the world’s most impressive ones. The water, light and sound show that takes place frequently on the large artificial lake in front of the casino should prepare you for the experience of entering the impressive atrium. The gaming floor is immense, and once you are on it then it is almost impossible to find your way out, though perhaps that is because you lose all motivation to leave.

Many of the Las Vegas casinos are themed, for instance: Caesar’s Palace, Treasure Island, the Venetian, Planet Hollywood, Paris Casino and Hotel, and they are all top examples of that kind of casino experience. Offering versions of roulette such as those at that are a real hit.

The most up-market of these is the Venetian, a vast casino hotel though which runs an artificial canal.

Customer service is a class above what you will find elsewhere, and that is saying something as excellent customer service is something that every Las Vegas casino prides itself for.

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