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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. April 26, 2019: “All politics is local” is now a legendary phrase in America.

 While variations have been around ‘since the beginning of time,’ the former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, the late Tip O’Neill, is given attribution for making it famous within political circles.

So why is all politics local? Here is the traditional definition online ….

“Constituents and voters are concerned most about issues that affect their personal lives and home communities, and they vote accordingly.”

Correct! It is mostly meaningless beyond the obvious fact in many elections and most incumbents have a decided advantage because they are known locally.

I am here to greatly expand and replace this definition with this episode.

Why? Because from the very historic place where I write Trump’s America each Thursday evening, Bowling Green in Lower Manhattan, something truly important took place this week that now provides a better definition.

That what we do LOCALLY, even in one tiny local park, can have symbolic and even very real meaning far, far beyond the local “politics.”

So, let me tell you more …


This story has a happy conclusion that is integral to this story but don’t spoil it or the lesson so follow this narrative.

The very unethical Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, decided a few days ago to attack tiny Bowling Green Park and me personally if you want the full story. This vindictive LITTLE MAN decided to abuse his power as Mayor to shut down the glorious events that take place at Bowling Green over and over again and many times each year, as they have for 23 years now.

What we do is raise two flags on our two towering flag poles at Bowling Green – one always the American, the original 13 star American flag (I’ll explain later), and on the other, national groups with ethnic identities from all over the world who have communities in New York and who come to celebrate their national days by raising the American and their other country’s flag here at Bowling Green in often very beautiful, emotional and colorful ceremonies.

That was until the Overlord of NYC Bill de Blasio decided to STOP it. Why? Because he wanted to do so. What other reason does an overlord need? He is the boss of all of us and the rest of us are his victims when he chooses.

What’s that? But that isn’t America?  Yes, it is in de Blasio’s New York! Decrees like this you expect in China and North Korea and from other oppressive regimes but not in America. Think again; think New York City with Bill de Blasio as mayor. De Blasio would do very well in China!

So, let me get back to my NEW definition of ‘all politics is local.’ It is that LOCAL politics has GLOBAL and more specifically national meaning.

This very local matter here in New York City in Lower Manhattan that “logically” you might think no one beyond Bowling Green Park, let alone anyone outside of New York City should care about… But everyone should!

Because local matters like this here in 2019 prove how, if we are not always vigilant, demagogues can and do seize even our biggest cities as well as our smallest communities. Bowling Green represents both.

Bill de Blasio uses his office and the resources of New York City to try and con everyone into believing he is a “progressive” (sic) public official who even fancies he should be President of the United States. Yes, he is “thinking about” entering the Democratic Party sweepstakes. Reality check!

I know it sounds like a Bad Joke. It is. But what LOCAL politics explains well here is it proves that all real progressives and in fact every American should learn how SCARY it would be if Bill de Blasio were President.

We know how much Donald Trump misuses power and ignore laws and rules, but Trump is transparent. Much scarier is a demagogue like Bill de Blasio, successfully (sic) masquerading as an enlightened leader as he has done here in New York City for 6 years and getting away with it.

UNTIL he just did something so egregious and illegal here at Bowling Green that even though this is all about the smallest park in New York City and nothing more than flag raising ceremonies happen here, de Blasio just EXPOSED himself for the demagogue and Con Man he is.

In fact, he is so out of control, de Blasio was left with NO choice earlier today but to withdraw his flag raising PROHIBITION at Bowling Green and announce ALL flag raising permits will be allowed just as they have between for 23 years. Beginning with the Mexican flag on May 4th.

Understand it was the last thing Bill de Blasio wanted to do but …

he was left with NO choice since his action was so illegal and contrary to American values and the outcry had already begun to build. And think about all the sycophants in the NYC legal dept. and parks dept. who had no ethical moral or legal concerns about enforcing de Blasio’s madness. Sounds like China; sounds like North Korea. NOT America.

Very scary!

If we lived in the kind of progressive society and nation and city most of us want tonight or tomorrow, Bill de Blasio would RESIGN as Mayor. But he won’t of course; rather he will use his devious criminal like mind to figure out some new way to attack Bowling Green and many other places.

In case you don’t know, because many of you are not in New York City, de Blasio has constantly been under investigation for corruption and ethics violations since the day he become mayor and he is right now yet again.

And just this week The New York Times published a lead editorial titled: WHO’S RUNNING NEW YORK CITY?

GOOD QUESTION. It begins …

“Before Mayor Bill de Blasio indulges his presidential hopes with another trip to Iowa or Nevada, he has some pressing business closer to home.”

I told you so, very SCARY; but also thank God very, very, very unlikely. Anyway, enough Bill de Blasio. Now you know why all politics is local. Let me conclude this week’s episode on an inspirational note.

Bowling Green is not just some tiny park. Bowing Green is America’s park. It is the oldest and first park in America. Even earlier, it is where New York City was founded. America’s first self-governing place in 1653. It is where the First Jews ever to come to North America came and many others too. Bowling Green was where America’s Revolution began and concluded. Yes, it is.

What about the 13-star flag? It was here on November 25, 1783 as the last British flag, still flying in America, came down and was replaced by the American 13-star flag, ending the successful American Revolution.

And a new nation began!

And Bowling Green is the home since December 1989 and forever more of the most famous work of sculpture in New York City and America… Arturo DiModica’s great 3 1/2-ton bronze Charging Bull.

Please come to Bowling Green to see flags flying side by side gloriously and of course to see the Charging Bull.

There is so much more to tell but I have a deadline! God Bless America!

 (This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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