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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May, 31, 2019: Let me begin by putting this episode in proper perspective …

If you wore the T-shirt above in China, you’d NEVER be seen again!

If I tried to publish this episode in China, I’d be put in a Chinese jail. If I was “lucky,” I’d get a sham trial first and then sent to prison for years or worse. But of course it would never be published; never make it past the firewall that censors anything and everything critical of the thugs who “own” China.

GET THE MESSAGE loud and clear and WAKE up about China’s gov’t.

June 4, 2019 will be invisible in China next week as it is every day of the year. It also will not get the kind of attention it deserves in the rest of the world or here in the United States. Most, if not all of the 2020 Presidential candidates will ignore it. That largely clueless bunch of pander bears.

The massacre at Tiananmen Square … June 4, 1989 will enter its 30th anniversary this June 4th.

 Lucky you, you get Trump’s America every week and the TRUTH!

 June 4, 1989 is also important because it marks the brutal end to the most meaningful attempt in all of China’s long history for the Chinese people to break free of the repressive so called governments they have been forced to endure continuously since at least 1600 BC – that is over 3500 years ruled over by dictators called Emperors until 1919. Since then they are called names like Chairman Mao or President Xi but they are all just brutal dictators.

The Chinese people have never ever been free from oppression.

So June 4th is not only the anniversary of the greatest attempt at Chinese freedom and democracy – it is more. It is a message to all of us of what the thugs who control China want for all of us in the 21st century.

The good news is for those of us who believe in the spirit of June 4, 1989, it is not dead and can never be destroyed. The Chinese people will yet arise to finally achieve their rightful place as citizens of a great nation, in which they have all the freedoms all human deserve as their birthright. And finally, China will be a country governed by free and open elections at every level.

We all need to assist that goal in every way we can. Ironically, no matter what you think of President Trump, and I do not think much of our counterfeit President – at all. But even though he is an admirer of the Chinese dictator XI and Trump would feel right at home in China, Trump confronting China simply as an economic issue is weakening Xi and his goons, which is good for the future of China.

Good for the Chinese people in that it is only Xi’s capacity to con the Chinese people into forfeiting all their rights and freedoms in the so-called name of Chinese prosperity or at least jobs for many in China. His Con Game.

It is all part of the Con of brainwashing and repressing the Chinese people into submission with the outrageous bogus claim that without the thugs in charge and without brutal repression, China would sink into depravation.

The Truth: The Chinese people are more industrious maybe more creative than Americans too and if allowed to flourish in a FREE society, their current economic success proves only how much more successful China would be, and as a result, the entire world community far better off.

June 4, 1989  is in fact as symbolic as July 4, 1776 in a reverse way. The success of the American revolution proved what would be – the failure of the Chinese Revolution of June 4, 1989 proved what should have been.

No one else has before but we all should very visibly link July 4, 1776 with June 4, 1989 as a simple powerful way to deliver a message about the future and as short hand for showing support for the Chinese Revolution as not over and done but alive and waiting in hiding in China to come alive again.

Nothing is more feared by Xi and his goons than the spirit of June 4, 1989.

Let me turn to media “partner” The New York Times to make sure you understand and appreciate the reality of June 4. 1989 in China …

Their feature article is titled … 30 Years After Tiananmen, a Chinese Military Insider Warns: Never Forget

“For three decades, Jiang Lin kept quiet about the carnage she had seen on the night when the Chinese Army rolled through Beijing to crush student protests in Tiananmen Square. But the memories tormented her – of soldiers firing into crowds in the dark, bodies slumped in pools of blood and the thud of clubs when troops bludgeoned her to the ground near the square.”

ENCORE …. “of soldiers firing into crowds in the dark, bodies slumped in pools of blood and the thud of clubs when troops bludgeoned her to the ground near the square.”

“Ms. Jiang was a lieutenant in the People’s Liberation Army back then, with a firsthand view of both the massacre and a failed attempt by senior commanders to dissuade China’s leaders from using military force to crush the pro-democracy protests. Afterward, as the authorities sent protesters to prison and wiped out memories of the killing, she said nothing, but her conscience ate at her.”

“Now, in the run-up to the 30th anniversary of the June 4, 1989, crackdown, Ms. Jiang, 66, has decided for the first time to tell her story. She said she felt compelled to call for a public reckoning because generations of Chinese Communist Party leaders, including President Xi Jinping have expressed no remorse for the violence.”

Let me allow Jiang Lin to continue her narrative in NY Times ..

“Even after 30 years, the massacre remains one of the most delicate topics in Chinese politics, subjected to a sustained and largely successful effort by the authorities to erase it from history. The party has ignored repeated calls to acknowledge that it was wrong to open fire on the students and residents, and resisted demands for a full accounting of how many died.”

“The authorities regularly detain former protest leaders and the parents of students and residents killed in the crackdown. A court ( let me add – a joke in China -) convicted four men in southwestern China this year for selling bottles of liquor that referred to the Tiananmen crackdown.”

Jiang Lin then goes on to describe the brutality of the massacre by the Chinese army beginning on June 4, 1989, in Tiananmen Square.

WAKE UP now if you have not already to the reality in China.

For some very important historical context – during the 1930s, The United States and Americans did not much bother with the fascism growing in the emerging new economic power Nazi Germany in fact many were “happy” to do business with Hitler and his goon until it was TOO LATE …

Xi and his tyrants are a somewhat different kind of threat to the future of us all but in some ways a greater threat in that Xi commands ever more sophisticated technologies of control Hitler could never dream of having and the so called Chinese “leaders” are using these technologies every day …….

To oppress and repress the Chinese people and increasingly exporting their “quiet” reign of techno terror to other grateful despots all over the Earth.

This is a battle for the future of America, China and the everyone.

Either America wins or we all lose to China’s despotism.



(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)

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