Trump’s America – Episode # 125 – Good Question

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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. June 14, 2019: A good question deserves a good answer.

It’s party time. Democratic Party time sort of.

Why? It’s time to play pin the “tale” on the Donkey. Who will win?

I owe my frequent media partner The New York Times a big thanks this week. They aren’t just providing me good content this week but a QUESTION too.

Here is what I am doing for them in return – supplying them and you the good answer to their question that they do not.

WHAT QUESTION? This question….

“23 Democrats Are Running for President. Do Any of Them Know What They’re Doing?”

This is a TALE about beating Trump in 2020 or should be.

That’s right. It is not a typo. Pin the TALE on the Democratic donkey – not just some tail. Democrats need a very good TALE to tell to beat Trump. I am a very talented wordsmith. I know what I am writing and so should you!

So, let’s dig into The Times question they will try unsuccessfully to answer in this coming Sunday’s Magazine. Spoiler alert. Wait until Sunday if you want but why would you. They still won’t have an answer.

The sub-title to their story is …

“How do you unite a fractious base and defeat President Trump? No one seems to know, but that isn’t stopping them from giving it a try.”

Put another way, how do you herd a bunch of ‘pander bears’ willing to say anything that might somehow get them some votes in primaries and caucuses?

Elizabeth Warren is having some success with a disingenuous promise to cancel ALL student loans if she is elected for just about for everyone who is not a multi-millionaire and even if, yes indeed they went to Harvard or Yale.

THROW IT ROUND Elizabeth. It is FAKE money you are promising. What about all the other Americans with burdensome loans who would also like you to pay as President? Pay them all except for the 1% maybe include them too? Who cares how many trillions $$ it will cost? It’s all just FAKE news.

You will get even more headlines and go even higher in the polls.

Then there is military HERO Mayor Pete Buttigieg of the great city of South Bend, Indiana – population 100,000 and falling. Pete is also rising in the polls on the “strength” (sic) of his military record. Former Navy Lieutenant Buttigieg found a novel way to become a navy officer. He just filled out some forms and arranged to meet another Navy officer in a coffee shop and was sworn in as an officer. No need for basic training or any at all. Just a cup of coffee.

Then his real heroics began once a month on a Saturday as  he showed up for stressful drill instructions and then later for an entire 5 months. Pete was on active duty in the protected Green Zone in the capital of Afghanistan sitting at desk reviewing documents. That was more than enough for our military hero Pete. He then resigned from the Reserves because he was just too busy.

MISSON ACCOMPLISHED. Hero Pete now BRAGS about his distinguished military record and it has worked. He too is rising in the polls. As he proudly claims on his Website – he has “more military experience than anybody to walk into the Oval Office since President George H. W. Bush.”

EXCUSE me Pete, but George H. W. Bush was a REAL Navy Officer!

The First President Bush was a combat Navy pilot throughout WW2. He flew 59 combat missions and compiled 1228 combat flying hours. His plane was shot down by enemy fire and President GHW Bush received the Distinguished Flying Cross, 3 Air Medals and the Presidential Citation medal for his bravery. SHAME on Pete Buttigieg. You are NO G.H.W Bush.

Enough about these two PANDER bears. They are 21 other candidates.

Let me finally get to the long NY Times feature article before answering the question for them and for all of you my cherished readers. Here we go …

“If there is something that unites the nearly two dozen Democrats currently in the field, it is that no one, really, knows how this works. It’s a cliché at this point to say that Trump changed politics in 2016, and that everyone — candidates, operatives and media — is still scrambling to understand the implications of his victory.”

The Times article goes on …

“(Trump)  also ushered in a free-for-all mentality that might account in part for the “Why not me?” stampede on the Democratic side, which now includes everyone from Obama’s goofy uncle V.P on down to the guy live streaming his visit to the dentist to the spiritual guru sipping wine in front of me …. Our notions have changed about what it means to be viable, familiar and authentic as public actors.”


The article goes on …

“How exactly do you run for President in 2019? ”

“What are the rules, and what should you say and who is even listening? At their unruly best, campaigns can be sprawling idea labs. You can learn a lot when no one knows anything.”

ENCORE … “You can learn a lot when no one knows anything.”

“Electability” has thus become even more of a watchword than usual, leading to circular takes in which voters tend to channel the last pundit they saw yammering on TV about so-and-so’s fund-raising prowess or admirable message discipline.” Please see Elizabeth Warren & Pete Buttigieg ABOVE.

There are thousands upon thousands of more words to this rambling often incomprehensible stream of consciousness article I am not going to quote. What is ALL important and the entire article is the HEADLINE question …

“23 Democrats Are Running for President. Do Any of Them Know What They’re Doing?” 

The answer is clearly NO in terms of …

… any of them having anything real and substantial to offer voters. They are all out there PANDERING for Democratic primary and causes voters as I illustrated with just two of them Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg.

Whether any of them know it or not; Whether voters know it or not; they will know it when they see one or more Democratic candidates who have a real TALE to tell.

A tale about the FUTURE of America with them as President – far better than with Trump as President.

So it’s not simply about Trump.

We have 23 candidates and NO IMAGINATIVE vision for the future. Other than NOT being Trump, all they offer like Warren are free giveaways they cannot deliver or INFLATE their bios to seem to be what they are not.

Yes, of course they are all going to give us a perfect healthcare system, end inequality, deliver world peace, fix the environment, etc. Where have we heard that before?

REMEMBER? Former President Barack Obama anyone.

What we need is a really GOOD story for America’s future so let’s …





 (This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.