NEW YORK, July 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Volante Technologies announced today that Volante Designer for SWIFT has once again received the first certification awarded for the 2011 label in SWIFTReady Messaging Data Services (MDS). In certification testing, the application earned perfect scores in transformation and validation of SWIFT messages.

“The fact that Volante Designer scored 100% in both tests is evidence of Volante’s meticulous implementation of SWIFT defined rules,” said Filip Versluys, Head of Partner Management for SWIFT, “and confirms the credibility of this application as a comprehensive messaging data solution. The MDS certification is the most advanced integration category SWIFT recognizes, enabling users to accelerate any type of SWIFT-related development.”

SWIFT criteria for the SWIFTReady Messaging Data Services (MDS) label include comprehensive support for SWIFT Standards, such as validation against syntactical and semantic rules; transformation of the messages between different formats, support for various SWIFT directories and deployment of run-time libraries in various modes including SOA environments that can be used by financial applications.

The Messaging Data Service maps application data, such as payment instructions, into SWIFT-based messages or files that are ready to be supplied to any financial counterparty through SWIFT interfaces. Reversely, it transforms messages from SWIFT into formats supported by back-office applications.

“We are proud that, once again, Volante is first to successfully complete the SWIFTReady MDS certification tests. We provide the same speed and precision to our customers, in expediting their SWIFT projects,” said Vijay Oddiraju, CEO of Volante. “In addition, our customers receive their annual SWIFT updates early each year, so they have plenty of time to deploy the new standards before SWIFT’s November deadlines. This is why Volante integration technology is used by leading banks and treasuries around the world.”

In addition to message integration, Volante tools offer features such as offline testing, metadata capture and management, and WebForms for data entry and repair. Volante technology works with any software, network and infrastructure environment without requiring dedicated infrastructure.

Companies interested in a demonstration of Volante Designer for SWIFT are invited to contact Volante at in**@vo*********.com.

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