News Americas, RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, Tues. Sept. 27, 2011: A woman who spent two hours inside a plastic bag in the refrigerated drawer of a hospital morgue was not dead but alive.

Rosa Celestrino de Assis, 60, was found alive in the cold drawer of the Hospital Estadual Adao Pereira Nunes where she had been declared dead by a nurse after she had been admitted for a pulmonary infection.

Her daughter, Rosangela Celestrino, made the discovery just after she got a call to identify her mother’s body at the hospital in Rio de Janeiro.

But when she arrived and the body was pulled out of the refrigerated drawer, she was shocked to find that her mother was still alive.

“I went to kiss my mom, and she was breathing. I began to scream, ‘My mom is alive!’ and everyone looked at me like I was crazy,” she told the Brazilian newspaper O Globo.

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