How To Build A Global SEO Program That Works

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News Americas, NY, NY, Fri. Feb. 26, 2021: The widespread prevalence of the Internet has made it possible for companies to easily expand into new, international markets. All companies need is a professional website for potential customers to find. However, what SEO tactics work in one country may not work in another country and the relevant keywords might be different. In this article, you can learn more how to build a global SEO program that’s effective in other countries.

Optimize For Relevant Search Engines

For American-based companies without an international presence, it’s a common misconception that Google is the most relevant search engine in every other country. While Google does have a presence in other countries, that doesn’t mean that it’s the most important or utilized search engine in these countries. For example, Baidu is the preferred search engine in China, not Google. If your company wants to rank in search engines that are used in China, it is important to optimize content for Baidu.

Create Localized Content

Words change meaning and connotation during translation. Not all concepts are translatable between cultures. Before you move forward with a verbatim translation that won’t perform very well in a new market, your localization and marketing strategy should research the new market to make sure that your content would make sense and be in demand in that market. Otherwise, you are simply wasting time transitioning content over.

Structure Your Website Effectively

Some countries have specific laws regarding websites, including privacy protections and how you would need to register and structure your site in those countries. This includes having a country code top-level domain. Before you make a firm commitment to creating content that ranks well in other countries, partner with a web development company to ensure that your website meets all of the laws and standards of the new market first. Otherwise, you may not see results from your hard work scaling into international markets.

Continue To Evolve

SEO and its implications for scalable, international content that ranks well changes constantly. What works today may very well not work in the future. The fact is that if you want to stay ahead in global SEO, you need to closely monitor performance against your competitors. This might mean switching your SEO strategies or changing the keywords that you use because there are more affection options available. A large number of companies prioritize ranking in international markets so the ability to pivot and change to target new strategies from data.

Building a powerful SEO program that is capable of scaling globally into new markets can be an effective way to grow a brand. Partnering with an SEO and website development partner can help to make the process easier and create an environment with less trial and error. Companies like KitelyTech offers a wide range of services that make it possible to work with just one point of contact to help reach even the most complex web development and SEO goals, no matter the market.