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By NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 13, 2018: A dynamic Caribbean American City Councilman and candidate for New York Lieutenant Governor is taking a stab at the Democratic establishment candidates, dubbing them “#hashtagdemocrats.”

Grenadian roots Jumaane Williams, who on Monday, was arrested for protesting Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee outside of Trump Tower in Manhattan, says people “are tired of #hashtagdemocrats.”

Williams on Thursday afternoon took a direct jab at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the current Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul.


Tweeting a story from The Intercept which said some of Cuomo’s biggest donors rake in millions from immigration agency, ICE real estate contractors, Williams tweeted: “This may be why @NYGovCuomo  won’t say #AbolishICE or why the current Lt Gov wanted to turn undocumented immigrants over to ICE and believes their job is simply to be ‘advancer in chief.’”

The Intercept quoted a report from the New York-based watchdog group Public Accountability Initiative, which said luxury landlords across the state collect millions in rent from the agency — money they have turned around and funneled to Cuomo’s political campaigns.

Cuomo’s primary challenger, actress Cynthia Nixon, who has called for abolishing the US ICE, told the Intercept in an emailed statement that “while its reprehensible that Governor Cuomo has profited from ICE’s existence, it’s hardly surprising.”

“Many have been bewildered by the Governor’s continued support for ICE as its atrocities mount and so many other New York leaders have called for ICE’s abolition,” she was quoted as saying. “Now we have an explanation: the Governor won’t call to abolish Trump’s rogue deportation force because his donors don’t want him to.”

Williams on Thursday joined advocates from across the state to submit more than 65k petition signatures to be on the Democratic ballot this fall.  He is currently the council member for the 45th District of the New York City Council and is a Democrat. The district includes East Flatbush, Flatbush, Flatlands, Marine Park and Midwood in Brooklyn, NY.

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