News Americas, LONDON, England, Weds. Aug. 9, 2023: In a groundbreaking achievement, Caribbean nationals Keisha Schahaff and daughter Anastatia Mayer, will journey to space tomorrow on board Virgin Galactic 02.

It is the second commercial spaceflight offered by Richard Branson’s pioneering exploration enterprise. Eighteen-year-old Anastatia, born in Antigua-and-Barbuda, is set to become the second youngest person to venture into space.

Antigua & Barbuda born Anastatia Mayer and Keisha Schahaff are heading to space.

Her mother, Keisha, 46, secured their coveted seats through a competition that aimed to diversify space travel and transform perspectives. The two coveted seats are worth $900,000, in 2021 and were promoted as part of a Virgin Galactic’ competition that aimed to “send more diverse humans to space and change perspectives.”

Hailing from Antigua & Barbuda, Schahaff revealed in a video on Virgin Galactic’s website that the journey to space began while she was aboard a plane to the UK with her daughter. An ad caught her attention, posing the question, “Would you like to be an astronaut, would you like to go to space?” Without hesitation, she answered with a resounding “yes.”

Upon learning of her triumph, Schahaff swiftly chose her daughter as her spacefaring partner. Recalling the pivotal moment, she shared, “When I was asked the question, ‘I won two seats, who’s coming with me?’ Anna looked at me and she says, ‘Mum if anyone’s going to space with you it should be me.'”

Virgin CEO Richard Branson surprised Schahaff, a mother of two, at her home in Antigua with the tickets.

Anastatia Mayer, currently studying philosophy and physics at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, is pursuing her aspiration of becoming an astrobiologist. She expressed her belief that this mission will serve to break down barriers and open up possibilities for individuals who, like her, aspire to contribute to the realm of space exploration.

Sharing the cosmic journey with this remarkable mother-daughter team will be Jon Goodwin, a former Olympic canoeist and the second individual to travel to space while battling Parkinson’s disease.

The cost for this extraordinary voyage is advertised at a staggering $683,000 per person. Tomorrow’s flight will commence its journey from New Mexico at 8 a.m. local time (11 a.m. Eastern time) and make a 90-minute trip into space in Galactic 02.

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