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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. June 25, 2020: Three Caribbean countries that have opened their borders to international travellers have begun reporting new cases of the novel coronavirus, News Americas has found.

Antigua & Barbuda, which opened its borders to international tourists on June 1st, yesterday reported 39 new COVID-19 cases. The number pushed the total in that country to 65. All 39 according to the Antigua Observer, are imported cases.

The USVI, which reopened on June 1st, is now tracking 8 new cases of the virus in the territory, at least 5 of which are on St. Croix, the VI Consortium reported.  

This as the USVI’s governor said his administration was considering shutting down bars in an effort to slow the recent rise in confirmed cases in the territory.

Jamaica, which reopened on June 15th reported 5 new cases to push its tally to 670. But its death toll remains at 10.

Meanwhile, the Dominican Republic, which plans to open its borders on July 1st, reported six hundred and ninety-five new cases today along with 16 new death. The new cases pushed the tally to close to 29,000 and 691 deaths.


French Guiana and Haiti continue to be regional hot spots. French Guiana reported another 234 new cases yesterday to increase its tally to 2,827. The territory also reported 1 new death to uptick its death total to 9.

Haiti added another 113 new cases to see its total confirmed tally move to 5,324. The country also reported one new death as its death total moved to 89.

And the Cayman Islands reported one new case Tuesday to move its total to   196 cases, while Cuba up ticked by one as well to 2,319 cases.

“In the absence of effective treatments or a widely available vaccine, we expect that over the next two years in the Americas we will experience recurring COVID-19 outbreaks, which may be interspersed with periods of limited transmission,” The World Health Organization’s regional director for the Americas, Carissa Etienne, said on Wednesday.

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