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News Americas, BROOKLYN, NY, Fri. Sept. 20, 2019: A timely new immigration-focused web series by a Caribbean immigrant is set to premier on Saturday, September 28, 2019 at the actual film location at 204 Parkside Avenue, Brooklyn NY.

‘Green Card: A Love Story,’ is created and written by Trinidad national B. Nandi Jacob and directed by Roderick A. Warner with Renaldo Pelerin as Director of Photography/Cinematographer.

The series tells the story of Caribbean-born Petra who has been living in the US for 15 years as an undocumented immigrant but won’t give up on her American dream.

Yet, each day, the once-aspiring scientist, focuses not on the looming deportation force but on life’s other wildcards: like “fixing” her finance, Philo who sings for donations on the Q train as he awaits his big break.

Struggling on his meager donations and her erratic under the table earnings, the couple bunks in a Brooklyn tax office, silently weighing the cost of love and the price of their dreams.

Season one of the series comprises five episodes and stars Asha John as Petra; Cameron Bhola as Philo; Susan Kennedy as Mrs. Anthony; Marvin George as Battica; Alia Pierre as Marva and Derek Noel as the Taxman.

“Although these are fictional characters, the challenges portrayed are real. We are bringing another perspective to the conversation,” noted Jacob, who is also the author of “The True Nanny Diaries,” and playwright of the multi-award winning musical “Flambeaux.” “We are saying that undocumented immigrants are not pariahs. They are people barely able to take a breath who simply want a chance at life, like anyone else.”

The launch is also a fundraiser to help the team finish the project. Tickets are $30 and donations are welcome. The series will be released online after the New York screening on September 28, 2019. Follow @greencardalovestory, #GCALS team on Instagram.

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