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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. April 30, 2020: The Brooklyn, NY funeral home where at least 15 dead bodies in U-Haul trucks and other vehicles parked on the street, is co-owned by a Caribbean-born national, News Americas has found.

Barbadian-born national, Alva Stuart -co-owns the Andrew T. Cleckley Funeral Home at 2037A Utica Avenue and Ave. M in Flatlands, Brooklyn along with her African-American husband Andrew T. Cleckley, a graduate with honors from Nassau Community College, Class of 2011 and the master embalmer at the home.

Stuart ‘s bio says she graduated with honors from American McCalister Institute of Funeral Service as a licensed Funeral Director in 2011 and values “professionalism, integrity and attention to detail.”

“Alva is responsible for ensuring your loved ones look as radiant in their passing as they did while alive. She also plans and directs the funeral services,” the site stated.

But that is not what the NYPD along with along with several city and state agencies, reportedly found yesterday. Instead, they found between 40 to 60 decomposing bodies either stacked up in unrefrigerated U-Haul box trucks outside the home in Flatlands or on the building’s floor, after neighbors reported a foul odor around the property, sources told the New York Post.

In addition to the two U-Hauls holding corpses, the facility had two more refrigerated trucks also storing bodies and a third box truck of empty caskets, police sources told the Post.

Additionally, the funeral home reportedly told officers that the bodies in the trucks were supposed to be going to a crematorium but they didn’t come and pick them up.

The funeral home did not return messages seeking comment Wednesday. Funeral directors are required to store bodies awaiting burial or cremation in appropriate conditions that prevent infection.

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