News Americas, CHARLOTTE, N.C., Mon. Sept. 3, 2012: Members of the Democratic National Committee’s Black Caucus gathered from across the country in the Charlotte Convention Center on Monday morning, Sept. 3rd, celebrating their enthusiasm and support for President Obama. In an electric room, more than 500 caucus members cheered along to the chant of “Fired Up! Ready to Go!” Speakers from civil rights hero Rev. Jesse Jackson to National Operation Vote’s Michael Blake energized the crowd. “In 2008 we changed the guard,” Blake declared. “In 2012 we guard the change.”

Many speechmakers emphasized the need to get out the vote and protect the vote in the face of new restrictions to voter eligibility. “It all flows from the right to vote,” Rev. Jackson said. “This land is our land and we’re not going back!”

Others in attendance were Anthony E. Graves, Democratic National Committee Man, of Colorado, Doctor Minister, Cynthia L. Hale, of the “Ray of Hope” Christian Church, in Decatur Georgia, Minister, Jamal Bryant of the Impowerment Temple, in Baltimore, Maryland and Doctor Minister, Carroll A. Baltimore. Sr, from Washington D.C.

The Democratic National Committee announced that it has posted online the 2012 Democratic Party Platform, which will be officially adopted by the Delegates to the Convention tomorrow, Tuesday, September 4. The Party Platform articulates clearly President Obama’s vision for moving our country forward by restoring economic security and building an economy that is built to last.

The Democratic Party Platform reflects President Obama’s vision for the future. Meanwhile, the Republican Party, led by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, approved a platform that supports the same top-down economic policies that hurt the middle class and embraces extreme positions on issues and policies from Medicare to immigration to women’s health.

In July, the Platform Drafting Committee, chaired by former Governor Ted Strickland, met in Minneapolis to receive input from the public and to write the first draft of the Platform. Then on August 11, members of the Platform Committee, chaired by Mayor Cory Booker and retired Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy, met in Detroit. At the Platform Committee Meeting in Detroit, committee members submitted amendments to the draft Platform before unanimously approving the draft and sending it to Charlotte for the vote by delegates tomorrow.

You can read the Democratic Platform HERE.(Rick Recard / Vision Fotos)

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