Marjorie Bibbons, r, with Healing Hands Helping Broken Hearts Foundation volunteer.
By Felicia Persaud

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Nov. 28, 2013: A Jamaican immigrant has adopted the true meaning of the American holiday, Thanksgiving, helping feed families in need with a holiday dinner.

Majorie Bibbons, born in St. Thomas Jamaica, founded the Jamaica, Queens-based Healing Hands Helping Broken Hearts Foundation eight years ago.

Between phone calls with other volunteers and donors, Bibbons told me her inspiration came after feeling she needed to teach her kids that giving could bringing them more joy than receiving.

This year, despite being laid off from her accounting job last year, she continues to serve.

With small donations including from places like Kiwanis International, New York District and several volunteers who offer up service or actual food items, Bibbons began prepping last night for the eight year of service today.

This year the Vauxhall Secondary School has teamed up with the Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church’s Soup Kitchen, on Jamaica Avenue in NYC, to serve Thanksgiving dinner to some 500 in need today in Jamaica and Far Rockaway, Queens.

The group also distributes lightly used clothing to the needy, including coats, to help them and their families get through the winter.

Yesterday she was hard at work washing 20 turkeys and lots of chicken as she prepared for Thanksgiving today to serve others.

Bibbons’ work has also caught the eye of national magazine ‘O,’ which just featured her in their December edition.

As she summed it up accurately for the magazine: “God will provide what I need to keep going.”

To donate to the Healing Hands Helping Broken Hearts Foundation log on to

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