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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Mar. 28, 2022: Boosting your user engagement to attract more Instagram followers from Latin America requires a brilliant marketing strategy. However, if you’ve never learned how to create a strategy, you may find it challenging to get the traction you want for your company. You can implement plenty of tips and tricks that can help boost user engagement and bring in more profile views to grow your follower base and further convert them into loyal customers.

With over 500+ million daily active users, there are plenty of opportunities to get some of those users to view your profile. The only issue is that you’ll need to use some marketing tactics that can help boost your page’s presence.

Don’t worry if you’re new to the scene, as we’ll provide some of the basics that will get more users to view your Instagram business page. Below, we’ll provide twelve strategies that can help draw more people to your Instagram profile from Latin America.

12 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Profile Visits

New and unique marketing strategies can help keep your business in the game. Before reading our tips, it’s best to remember that marketing strategies will constantly change. For example, Instagram found that 50% of Instagram users will visit a website after seeing it in Stories. However, this was not common in previous years.

Below, we’ve listed twelve helpful, inspiring strategies to help your business grow in Latin America.

1. Understand How the Algorithm Works

The first tip we have is that you’ll need to understand how the Instagram algorithm works. Otherwise, you could optimize your profile as much as possible, but Instagram still won’t push your page to new viewers. So, it’s essential to understand how it works and what increases your chances of being picked up by the algorithm.

Here are some of the key ranking factors that you should know:

  • Instagram pushes pages in a niche or similar content to what accounts follow
  • Instagram shows mainly recent posts for the same day
  • Instagram will push accounts and pictures that have high interaction or engagement
  • Instagram will push posts that are getting the most comments
  • Instagram mainly pushes content that users follow
  • Instagram pushes content in bursts

That doesn’t mean that a company can’t get its content pushed towards a user. The primary method will be utilizing hashtags, niches, and branding to help get pushed towards new users from Latin America. Otherwise, the other element that will help is user engagement to help spread the page through likes, comments, and tags.

2. Decide Your Company’s Goals

Any business attempting to reach new users needs to understand the marketing game. If a company doesn’t have clear goals, it will likely get lost in the 200 million businesses that use Instagram. So, to stand out against the crowd, a brand should carefully consider its current goals.

Below are some of the most common goals:

  • Promoting a brand
  • Building a niche community
  • Showcasing company practices
  • Selling products or services

Goals are constantly changing, so it’s not crucial that you only stick with one. However, a business should focus on only setting a few goals at a time and then adjusting them as necessary. That way, they can make decent progress each day.

3. Making a Clean Yet Optimized Profile

Optimizing a profile can help attract more users from Latin America because they will linger on your page longer. Most businesses put too much irrelevant information, which causes people to exit the page before they’ve even had a chance to look at anything else. That’s why it’s essential to present information about your company intelligently.

(Photo by Erik Lucatera on Unsplash)

This includes creating a stand-out bio for your company. As long as you’re using an Instagram business account, you can have this information:

  • A brief description of your company
  • What niche your company is in
  • The tone of your brand
  • Contact information
  • Link to a store or website

Users will feel like the page is either fake or a non-legitimate business without any information. Providing information makes a page seem more reliable. So, don’t forget to skip out on the essential information.

4. Create a Unique Brand Aesthetic

Adding personal flair to your brand is an excellent strategy to attract more views from Latin America. Even the small logo for your company can entice users to click on your page. A brand’s aesthetic should reflect the type of niche it’s in. However, creativity is key to standing out amongst the thousands of brands in the same category.

When you create a brand aesthetic, choose the following:

  • A color scheme
  • Unique text
  • Certain photography angles, etc.

5. Learn Peak Times to Post

Instagram users are based worldwide, so learning which times to post can be crucial to engaging Latin American users. Depending on what group you are targeting, you’ll want to choose a timezone and then a timeframe within that time zone where most users show up. Although, the time changes depending on the day of the week.

For example, users may be more active during 6 am on Monday rather than 6 am on Saturday. Taking this into consideration can help you avoid posting at the wrong time. That being said, you should also take your niche into account and your target audience.

6. Inspire Your Audience with Frequent Posts

Instagram has a unique algorithm that ends up pushing the most recent posts. The problem with this is that you’ll need to post to get your profile pushed consistently. Unless you get the most liked or engaged photo in a tag, frequently posting is the only way to guarantee that you increase user engagement.

Although, that doesn’t mean that a business needs to spam its page with new posts. One post a day is more than enough to engage an audience. If you don’t want to post each day, an alternative is to create Stories, Reels, etc.

When posting, there are a few fundamental guidelines that can help you:

  • Don’t post the same type of post
  • Create relevant and engaging topics
  • Use call to action wording and advertising
  • Make sure you stick inside your niche
  • Always include credits if including others in your posts

7. Get Creative with Hashtags

Hashtags are a way to categorize photos and posts into a specific area. A user can follow certain hashtags, and relevant posts will appear in their feed. This is the most efficient method to get user engagement and have more people from Latin America view your profile.

The easiest method to go about this is to look at competitor brands and see what hashtags they are using. While you can technically choose any hashtag you want, you don’t want to use a hashtag without knowing what it represents. We’ve seen plenty of businesses try and use hashtags that aren’t relevant, and the pushback from viewers can ruin their company.

8. Inspire Your Community through Engagement

One thing we see that modern companies do is that they engage with their audience. Instagram is a very social platform that heavily relies on users communicating with each other. Businesses tend to forget this, and many of them skip the step of engaging with their audience.

By inspiring your audience and replying and caring about them, you’ll attract more new users. People will become excited to be a part of your community and will want to also communicate with the brand. Plus, a brand that shows it cares will ultimately do better than one that doesn’t reply.

9. Create Content Using Multiple Types of Media

Instagram is known for providing users with multiple content types. A standard way to attract new supporters from Latin America is to post a photo or video to your timeline. However, more than just one method can bring in more views.

Audiences want to see a creative mix of videos, Reels, Stories, and IGTV. The best method to get the most user engagement and reach is to use a combination of them. Switching up the content and styles can help lure in new audiences and ensure that your content doesn’t get boring or repetitive.

10. Host an Open Contest

There’s no better way to draw in new Latin American users than using a contest. A well-designed contest will help a company gain traction and is essentially free publicity. As long as you set the rules to comment, like, and tag the company, a brand can easily reach followers of contest contestants.

Some contest ideas you can implement include the following:

  • Enter to win via comment, like, follow, or tags
  • Enter a friend or tag multiple friends to enter
  • Answer a question and post a Story to your feed to enter, etc.

These strategies ensure that your reach will expand, and more Latin Americans will be enticed to click on the page. Just be sure to make the reward for the contest worth it. Otherwise, not enough people will end up entering.

11. Encourage User-Generated Content

User-generated content is an excellent way to grow your page while also boosting interaction with your audience. Curating user-generated content allows followers to engage their followers, which can be an effective marketing strategy for getting more page views.

(Phone photo created by –

Instagram’s unique algorithm also utilizes users and followers relationships. This means that it will push content onto their follower’s feed, allowing a company to gain exposure. For example, suppose someone with a modest 5k followers posts about the company. In that case, it could reach a large number of their followers.

Without making much effort, that could bring in another handful of new followers for the brand. That’s what makes user-generated content such a powerful marketing strategy. It’s cost-efficient and can reach a Latin American audience. The millennials survey found that user-generated content was 35% more memorable and 50% more trusted than non-user-generated content.

12. Go Live on Instagram

As a business, one of the last thoughts it would have would be to use the Go Live feature. However, not utilizing this nifty tool can also hinder user engagement rates. Instagram’s Go Live feature broadcasts the business with a follower. You can use this feature to hire Latin American brand ambassadors who promote products or services.

Instagram will also boost your profile photo and make it prominent in followers’ feeds by going live. The live session will also be added to the live broadcasting section, boosting non-follower viewership. The business’s logo will be pushed to the top and may entice Latin American users to view the page.

A live session doesn’t need to be anything extravagant, and it can simply be a review of a new product, Q&A, or even an AMA session. Leaving the topic up to whoever you hire as an ambassador can be an excellent way to get creative. If not, a business may pitch an idea to whoever they hire or use the audience to decide.

Hopefully, these twelve inspiring tips can help boost your profile’s views. As a business, it’s best to utilize a few of these tips. Although, a company should avoid focusing on implementing all of these strategies at once.

A marketing strategy can help a company implement these tips one by one. They can slowly build a Latin American consistent audience and keep pulling in new followers, and this can be especially effective when marketing products or services.

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