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 News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Mar. 29, 2018: When it comes to weed, Latin American cities serve up some of the cheapest globally. According to a recent study by Seedo, you can get a gram of ganja in five Latin America nations for less than US$5. Here’s where you can find the cheapest weed globally.

1: Ecuador

In Quito, Ecuador, where weed is partially legal, you can buy a gram for a mere US $1.34, the lowest anywhere in the world based on the 120 countries surveyed, which excluded the Caribbean region, including Jamaica.

2: Colombia

In Bogota, Colombia, a gram of marijuana will set you back just US $2.20, that’s the second cheapest out of the 120 countries surveyed. Weed here is partially legal as well.


3: Paraguay

In Asuncion, Paraguay, a gram of partially legal weed will cost US $2.22, the third cheapest out of the 120 nations surveyed.

4: Panama

In Panama City, where ganja is still illegal, you can still get a gram for less than four dollars at US $3.85 per gram, the fourth cheapest in the survey.

5: Uruguay

In Montevideo, Uruguay, where marijuana is legal, you will have to shell out a bit more than the other Latin American cities featured here but at US $ 4.15, it is still far cheaper than weed in South Korea or Japan at under $5 and the fifth cheapest globally – at least in the Seedo list of cities and nations surveyed.



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