Obama’s Golden Mask

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 7, 2016: It’s still early for Halloween but President Obama forced my hand.

… by unmaking himself in The Economist Thursday. The mask he has kept on continuously for 8 years – taken off by him.. He may still think he is wearing it but I know better here in Obama’s America. So and will you.

The Economist sets the stage for Obama in its new issue with its own introduction which lets us know what to expect from Status Quo Junkie Barack Obama – the man without a plan to change America for the better.

You must also remember, as I constantly try to do, Obama has a second parallel agenda to make sure he gets RICH beyond imagination after bring president – even richer than the Clintons – the GOLD standard!

So here is The Economist intro to Obama’s “letter” to the world …

“The open letter contains unmistakable rebukes for Hillary Clinton’s recent, campaign-trail flirtations with anti-trade rhetoric, as well as swipes at those—starting with Bernie Sanders on the left, and Donald Trump on the right—who call the American economy rigged, and demand it be rebuilt. The economy is ‘an enormously complicated mechanism,’” he cautions. Such radical moves as breaking up big banks or “erecting prohibitively steep tariffs on imports” would have serious real-world consequences.”

Already getting the message, President Obama is going to “teach us” that he knows what is really happening and we don’t.

Now here is the important part from The Economist …

“With just months left in office the president is naturally keen to defend his own legacy. He duly argues that government actions in the wake of the financial crisis saved the world from a second Great Depression.”

Obama will never stop peddling that line that he saved us all from disaster. When what he did was save all the rich punks from going to jail and instead made them even richer than before they crashed the economy.

The Economist goes on …

“But the essay is most striking for the candid advice it offers to the next holder of his office, and for the middle-path it treads between scolding elites and exhorting them to remember their responsibilities to society.”

Candid indeed! BS for short.

Then this Economist intro becomes hilarious ..

“For a man often called a socialist by critics, or at least a big government successor to Franklin Roosevelt, a past president that Mr. Obama more clearly echoes is Theodore Roosevelt, the progressive Republican who took on robber barons and monopolists in the name of restoring public faith in capitalism. Today, gaps between rich and poor are felt more keenly in a mobile, connected world, he writes. “Technology allows anyone with a Smartphone to see how the most privileged live.”

Their conclusion with words of “wisdom” (sic) from Obama ..

“Some sectors do still need reform, from the shadow banking system to housing finance, he says. But that, he warns the left, “should be an argument for building on what we have already done, not undoing it.”

Really?? The best thing we can do is UNDO Obama’s failures.

Now to the BS Artist in Chief himself … your turn Mr. President. He does not waste any time delivering Very Hot Air …

“Why have some on the far left and even more on the far right embraced a crude populism that promises a return to a past that is not possible to restore—and that, for most Americans, never existed at all?”

We are not looking for the past Barack; you gave us that for 8 years!

Then this dribble …

“Much of this discontent is driven by fears that are not fundamentally economic. The anti-immigrant, anti-Mexican, anti-Muslim and anti-refugee sentiment expressed by some Americans today echoes nativist lurches of the past—the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, the Know-Nothings of the mid-1800s, the anti-Asian sentiment in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and any number of eras in which Americans were told they could restore past glory if they just got some group or idea that was threatening America under control. We overcame those fears and we will again.”

WHAT IS HE TALKING ABOUT? None of us support the Wacko Donald Trump. WHY are you addressing us as they we would vote for that Clown?

Then this from Obama …

“So it’s no wonder that so many are receptive to the argument that the game is rigged. But amid this understandable frustration, much of it fanned by politicians who would actually make the problem worse rather than better, it is important to remember that capitalism has been the greatest driver of prosperity and opportunity the world has ever known.”

Barack, it is you who made it worse – you were President the last 8 years.

And this of course ….

“Over the past 25 years, the proportion of people living in extreme poverty has fallen from nearly 40% to under 10%. Last year, American households enjoyed the largest income gains on record and the poverty rate fell faster than at any point since the 1960s. Wages have risen faster in real terms during this business cycle than in any since the 1970s.”

Obama wants us all to believe he has ended poverty and made us all prosperous when who he REALLY helped was the top 1% who are far richer today that when Obama first became President.

Then he insults the rest of us even more …

“This is the paradox that defines our world today. The world is more prosperous than ever before and yet our societies are marked by uncertainty and unease. So we have a choice—retreat into old, closed-off economies or press forward, acknowledging the inequality that can come with globalization while committing ourselves to making the global economy work better for all people, not just those at the top.”

Did you get that? … “The world is more prosperous than ever before.”

Looks like Barack Obama is smoking marijuana again or just lying to us!

Here is more proof …

“The profit motive can be a powerful force for the common good, driving businesses to create products that consumers rave about or motivating banks to lend to growing businesses. But, by itself, this will not lead to broadly shared prosperity and growth. Economists have long recognized that markets, left to their own devices, can fail.”

That’s right Barack – the profit motive can be a powerful force for good .. just ask all those drug companies with obscene PROFITS you did nothing about.

I will skip through paragraph after paragraph of pure CRAP and spare you.

Let me go right to this far below lots of other Obama rhetoric …

“While I am proud of what my administration has accomplished these past eight years, I have always acknowledged that the work of perfecting our union would take far longer. The presidency is a relay race, requiring each of us to do our part to bring the country closer to its highest aspirations. So where does my successor go from here?”


Obama contends he was PERFECTING our nation but it will just take  little more work to complete the job. All it will take is Hillary Clinton following his advice and giving us the THIRD Obama term.

Well Hillary most certainly will give us the THIRD term of Obama and that is the big, big problem – more of the same. The only thing scarier would have been the Degenerate Trump as President. Thank God that won’t happen.

Let m skip to this weird bit of truth from Obama in his Economist rant.

“Alongside slowing productivity, inequality has risen in most advanced economies, that increase most pronounced in the United States. In 1979, the top 1% of American families received 7% of all after-tax income. By 2007, that share had more than doubled to 17%. This challenges the very essence of who Americans are as a people”.

Then this …

“We don’t begrudge success, we aspire to it and admire those who achieve it. In fact, we’ve often accepted more inequality than many other nations because we are convinced that with hard work, we can improve our own station and watch our children do even better.”

ENCORE …. “In fact, we’ve often accepted more inequality than many other nations because we are convinced that with hard work, we can improve our own station and watch our children do even better.”

Do you believe what Obama wrote here? He just complimented himself for inequality getting worse while he has been President. WHY? Because the rich just keep getting rich because they work so hard?????

And so can you ….

Could Barack Obama possibly believe that nonsense? Absolutely NOT! Yet, he feeds this outrageous crap to the rest of us in this so called “letter.”

As usual, Obama goes on and on forever with his endless BS. So I am going all the way to the ending – past all this mind numbing dribble to this ….

Here it is – SURPRISE again –  Obama tells us he has been a “great” President and his proof proves he is anything but …

“The progress of the past eight years should also give the world some measure of hope. Despite all manner of division and discord, a second Great Depression was prevented. The financial system was stabilized without costing taxpayers a dime and the auto industry rescued. I enacted a larger and more front-loaded fiscal stimulus than even President Roosevelt’s New Deal and oversaw the most comprehensive rewriting of the rules of the financial system since the 1930s, as well as reforming health care and introducing new rules cutting emissions from vehicles and power plants.”

Again …

“I (BARACK OBAMA) enacted a larger and more front-loaded fiscal stimulus than even President Roosevelt’s New Deal and oversaw the most comprehensive rewriting of the rules of the financial system since the1930s, as well as reforming health care and introducing new rules cutting emissions from vehicles and power plants.”

President Barack Obama you certainly are a Comedian. A Bad Comedian!

That’s why the rest of us are not laughing!







About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.


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