OBAMA’S AMERICA – EPISODE 91 – Barack Obama Did Not Win!

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Republican Party, Time Up!
By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 9, 2012: There is only one major political party in America ….

The Democratic – Republican Party. Never forget that fact. It puts everything that happens in our elections in proper perspective. And it is the party of the WEALTHY with two rich factions in charge.

Now back to Tuesday’s election.

Obama did not win. Clearly the Republicans lost. The Republicans are more out of touch with reality than Obama and the Democrats. Far more! The Republican Party can be characterized as the party of the Old White Men and they don’t run the country any more.

Well yes they still own the country but they don’t run it any more. Not in terms of elections. The Richest Old White Men like that jerk in Nevada who was Newt Gingrich’s best friend before he was Mitt Romney’s best friend, all spent millions trying desperately to elect their Republican candidate, Mitt Romney.

It is the failure of the “ideology” of the Republican wing of the Democratic – Republican Party that lost and elected Barack Obama. It was not Barack Obama’s strength but their weakness that decided this election.

And it’s more than this election – it is a long-term trend. Here is the good news or the irony if you prefer, based on your perspective.

It is a pyrrhic victory for the Democratic wing of the Democratic Republican Party. The underlying flaw that is making the Republican establishment irrelevant and hostage of the completely whacky Tea Party will hit the Democrats from a different angle.

Sooner or later, more likely sooner, these new age voters flocking to the Democratic establishment characterized by the likes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo and their ilk are going to realize they are nothing but a less dreadful alternative to the Republicans. After a while, that dog won’t bark any more. Then FINALLY we will get some real candidates to believe in!

All the pundits are attributing Obama’s victory to demographic shifts in the population and for a superficial analysis that is true as far as it goes. Yes, the younger and increasingly non white population was a major factor in Tuesday’s result. But demographics don’t vote. Women and men do. It is not simply that many of the current voters don’t fit the old generic (geriatric too) age and color mode; it is that they do not have allegiance to the ideologies that any of the parties have been pushing.

Newer voters want real change even though they may not be articulating that message knowingly. They are unhappy with the direction of the country and let me guarantee they are going to become ever more unhappy in the coming years. So logically Obama won in 2008 presenting himself persuasively as the Change Master. But of course he wasn’t.

SO why did he win all these new votes in 2012 again?

HELLO? I just explained it above. Because the Republicans are far, far worse than a duplicitous Barack Obama and why Obama did not win in any meaningful sense, was about the Republicans losing as my headlines alludes.

So now once again we have Barack Obama on stage declaring victory once again and what does he do? What any good com man would – AGAIN promise the same thing he did before that he didn’t deliver but got him elected. And as I wrote last week, another good reason why we should all be Marxists. Groucho Marxists!

Groucho could have written this week’s commentary.

Still clueless?

Le me make another point for you. What is the endless mantra from both wings of the Democratic – Republican Party since Tuesday’s result? We Must Work Together. Got it. One more time … WE MUST WORK TOGETHER! Otherwise known as “compromising.” So how exactly is Obama going to be the Change Master he was not before by now vowing again to “compromise” with Republican idiocy for the next four years?

Here is an example of Obama “compromising” from the last 4 years – even though the Republicans still didn’t agree with him – that he claims as his biggest achievement the Affordable Health Care Act – otherwise known as Obama Care. You may have drunk the Kool Aide on this one. It’s a perfect example why Democratic power brokers are as flawed as their Republican partners.

Obama promised us that it was absolutely essential there be a PUBLIC option in any health insurance legislation he proposed. Because without at least a pubic option let alone the single payer system, we really need without the public option everyone is left at the mercy of the big medical establishment which know no mercy. So what did Obama do he quickly abandoned the pubic option in order to “compromise” and what are we left with?

For the first time EVER in American history, all Americans will be forced to buy a product from a private company whether they want to or not or break the law if not and be penalized for not doing do.

That is Change Master Barack Obama! Insuring the insurance companies billions more in revenue and profit by forcing us to buy their product. That’s change we don’t need.

How about immigration reform? Think we are going to get the fair and far reaching immigration reform Obama promised in his first term but did not deliver? That he will now? Keep dreaming! After all, some proposed immigration reform is called The Dream Act.

Obama will do with immigration reform exactly what he did with health insurance reform. He will “compromise” (sic) in order to pass something he can claim as an accomplishment even though it won’t be the serious far reaching immigration reform we need.

Why ? Because even though Obama does not have any more elections to worry about the issue is, Obama is NO Change Master. He is just the latest standard issue Democratic Party President who has wrapped himself in a seductive message of change.

So while the Rich Old White Men can’t elect their favored candidate President any more they still have their enormous power and wealth over us and within the Democratic – Republican Party.

Here is Obama’s REAL agenda for the next four years – guaranteed you will not read anywhere else. It is for him and Michelle to prepare the way for themselves to become the richest Former First Couple ever beginning in 2017. To become Billionaires!

To surpass even Bill and Hillary and the fabulous fortune they have amassed since leaving The White House. As for $1 Billion – just as Obama exclaimed he would be the first Presidential candidate to raise $1 Billion dollars after swearing he would not do so and would only accept public financing of his campaign four years ago but of course did not keep that promise either.

So keeping that Billion Dollar number Obama likes in mind …

I say Barack and Michelle’s ‘grand’ goal is to become the first Billionaires after 8 years in The White House and they just might do it just as long as President Obama does not piss off the Rich Old White Guys who will make them rich these next 4 years.

And he won’t! Barack Obama is an open book. This is part 2.

A work of fiction presented to us as Obama’s autobiography.

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.