Ranked: The Biggest Gambling Countries in Latin America

The Biggest Gambling Countries in Latin America

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Sept. 25, 2019: When it comes to ranking the countries that most enjoy placing a bet in the world, Latin American countries rarely feature at the top. For decades now, the nations that have the strongest love for gambling are mostly found in Europe, with Ireland, the UK, Finland, Italy, and Sweden often making up the top entrants.

However, although the region hasn’t received a lot of attention in this area, Latin America is fast becoming home to one of the most vibrant gambling scenes in the world. Whilst the landscape may appear different from those in Europe and the US, there is no limit to the range and variety of gaming experiences available in many South American countries. The growth of the online casino industry in South America mirrors the industry as a whole. The convenience, accessibility and the range of games provided across the various companies, such as Regal Wins Casino where you can play Flying Pigs slot game among other titles, means that the industry is set to continue growing across the various continents including Latin America.

Read on to find out which countries are the biggest fans of rolling the dice, spinning the wheel, and watching the slot reels go. 


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There can be no discussion of gambling in Latin America without mentioning Argentina, which has one of the most established and diverse gaming sectors on the continent. Although many countries in the region have less developed gambling scenes, Argentina has been home to legendary land-based casinos for over 100 years.

This is, in part, due to the more European culture of Argentina, with the Parisian-style capital Buenos Aires being home to the largest casino in South America, the Casino Trileneum. With more than 80 land-based casinos in the country, nowhere else on the content comes close to this Mecca for gaming lovers. 


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Colombia is a relative newcomer to the scene, but the locals have embraced their newfound gaming options with gusto. Despite there being virtually zero licensed casinos a decade ago, legislative changes in recent years have allowed over a dozen casinos to open up, and the gaming industry has flourished, with Colombians now spending over $1 billion a year on the hobby.

The relative youth of Colombia’s gaming sector has meant that digital gambling or iGaming has taken off in a big way. While much of Colombia’s gaming revenue comes from land-based casinos, popular online games have become hugely popular. The fact that tech-savvy Colombians can play these titles on their mobile devices from anywhere in the country undoubtedly helps with the appeal.


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In the wealthiest country in Latin America, with one of the highest rates of economic growth in the region, newly-moneyed Chileans are indulging their gaming hobbies like never before. Whilst traditional gaming activities such as horse racing have been a national pastime for well over a century, recent legislative changes that have allowed over a dozen casinos to be built in the country in just a decade have helped shift people’s gaming habits towards the slot reels and the roulette tables. Online casinos became available in the country in 2004 and now account for tens of millions of dollars in revenue every year, with online sports betting being particularly popular in this football-obsessed nation. 

Latin America is catching the attention of the global gaming industry, with the region on track to become one of the most lucrative markets in the world in the future. How other countries on the continent will embrace casino gaming remains to be seen, but these three countries are the ones to watch for now.