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rihanna topless
Rihanna’s topless posting from the Lui magazine shoot. (Twitter)

By NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. May 1, 2014: Sexy Bajan star Rihanna is absolutely perfect and she knows it. No wonder  ‘BadgirlRiRi’ as she is known on Instagram was not afraid to show case naked shots of her perfect breasts and body to her nearly 13 million followers on Instagram.

The Grammy-winning singer decided to let her Instagram fans see her in all her glory – well almost – after she dropped most of her clothes for French skin magazine Lui.

But within an hour of the posts, Instagram promptly deleted the shots claiming their rules did not allow such postings because it violated their rules against nudity.

Instead all that’s left of the Lui pics on Instagram is an ad of Rihanna wearing a string bikini and posted on a bus ad.That, however, did not stop the singer and actress from posting the photos on Twitter which has no problem it seems as RiRi is now on display for all the world to see including of course to her 35 million followers there.

rihanna lui photo shoot 3
Rihanna was not afraid to show her tan lines to Lui. (Twitter)
rihanna bus ad of lui of instagram
Rihanna’s bus ad of her Lui cover on instagram.
rihanna liu mag shoot
Rihanna on show in Lui. (Twitter)
rihanna lui photo shoot
Rihanna relaxes in a hammock in the Lui shoot. (Twitter)
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