Sean Kingston On New Reality Show

News Americas, LOS ANGELES, CA, Fri. Feb. 22, 2013: Jamaican American singer, Sean Kingston, is hoping to boost his career with a new reality show.

The “Beautiful Girls” singer, who survived a horrific Jet Ski crash in 2011, is now on the E! reality special, Fame In The Family, which began airing on Feb. 17th.
The E! cameras’ will explore each his unique family dynamics and give fans a front row seat to his family drama.

With a new album set to drop soon, Kingston’s career is on fire. He’s already had three top-ten hits, and he counts Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown as his best friends.

Yet, with all the fame and celebrity laid at his feet, he still has to report to mom, Janice Turner, for his allowance. Living with her famous son in the lush Hollywood Hills, this over-the-top mother of three is everything to Kingston.

She works closely with his management team, has a sizable stake in Sean’s record company, and is not shy about asserting herself about her baby boy’s personal life. Kingston and Turner are definitely not your typical mother-son team, that’s for sure.

His adult sister and brother are big influences as well, with brother Kurt serving as president of Sean’s record label and

Sister Kanema.
sister Kanema a self-described sexy vixen, who likes to live life large.