These Two Caribbean Companies Are In The Running For A Global Food Product Innovation Award


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By NAN Business Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 5, 2018: Two Caribbean food companies are in the running for the world’s largest food product innovation awards.

Caribbean Cure Ltd. of Trinidad and Tobago and Naledo Belize Ltd. have been selected as finalists in the SIAL Innovation Awards 2018 in Paris, France, for their product innovation.

SIAL is regarded as the world’s largest food innovation exhibition and hosts the SIAL Innovation Awards each year to recognize those who help to shape what we eat.  SIAL is set for Paris, France from October 21-25, 2018

Naledo Belize Ltd. is one of the world’s first manufacturers of fresh turmeric paste. It was developed by CEO, Umeeda Switlo. The company uses a recipe based on traditional Indian cooking to create Truly Tumeric.

“We are very excited to be a finalist in the SIAL 2018 product innovation award for Truly Turmeric,” said Nareena Switlo, COO at Naledo commented recently. “This nomination means that our company has been recognized for the innovative product we produce and our social enterprise model. We hope that it opens trade doors to the EU and beyond.”


Caribbean Cure Ltd. produces a line of loose-leaf natural healing teas that utilize indigenous plants found within the Caribbean. Their handcrafted teas, which utilize premium organic ingredients, are crafted through the preservation of nutrients found within the roots, herbs, and flowers of plants that have been used for generations within the Caribbean to heal and treat ailments.

“When we began hand-crafting our blends, we had one simple mission – to share our passion and love for the age-old traditions and healing qualities of Caribbean herbs,” said Sophia Stone, Founder and Managing Director at Caribbean Cure Ltd. “We visited farmers, herbalists, and tea lovers from across the region to find out what makes the perfect cup of natural tea. We were determined to create much more than tea with health benefits. We are excited to share the Caribbean tea experience at SIAL Paris and will continue to share our passion with the world on this global platform.”