“We DEMS Are So, So Smart”
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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. June 7, 2019: WARNING! This episode may be too deep for some of you. I hope not, but if it is, too bad.

This is not CNN. I write for clarity, not the idiots among us.

Is there a doctor in the House?

We have some very CRAZY people here …

They often disguise themselves as pander bears.

Now they want us all to fall into a bear TRAP .. a pander bear trap!

Make no mistake about it. Some Democrats in Congress are vampires – at least 50 and probably more – who want to suck the energy out of the 2020 Presidential election by giving Donald Trump a very BIG advantage.

What is the best gift so called Democrats can give Trump in one-word?


All this endless chatter about IMPEACHMENT does is prove how BANKRUPT the Democratic Party is for real IDEAS.

This wing of the Democratic Party, and including many of the so-called Presidential candidates, are the enemy of REAL Democrats as much as Donald Trump is. If you listen to the Talking Heads on CNN – and WARNING – doing it too often is very dangerous to your mental health …

If you do and the IDIOTIC Democratic members of Congress only too eager to appear on the Comedy News Network (CNN),  you might well lose your mind and think Donald Trump must be the Charles Manson of Presidents.

These out of control ANTI-Trumpsters sound like they have evidence President Donald Trump is a MASS murderer, when ALL they really have is one of the Biggest Air Bags alive today – the disingenuous Robert Mueller.

HIGH CRIMES & MISDEMANORS. Can you say you know it when you see it? NO. The problem with high crimes and misdemeanors as used in the U.S. Constitution is that it is AMBIGUOUS.

Maybe we can go to that usually ultimate source for understanding the meaning of the U.S. Constitution – The Federalist Papers.

WRONG. Even the Great Alexander Hamilton, who covers the powers and the limits of the Presidency in Federalist 66, 67, 68, does not answer the question.

Why? Because if Hamilton cannot – it is not answerable in a specific way.

To find an answer to the MYSTERY of Impeachment we must look at the entirety of the Constitution, likewise all of The Federalist Papers and the very nature of the government the Founders were trying to create.

At the very core of that Herculean project were a few eternal ideas they were imperfectly, and amid a tremendous amount of internal dissention, trying to put in place. They collectively wanted a government better than any that then existed – a very powerful minority – often a minority of one – a Monarch – or otherwise a carefully chosen elite.

Rather, our Founders wanted a government that was a product of the People to a reasonable extent at least. They also feared the Mob, which was a real possibility as was proven by the Whiskey Rebellion, The French Revolution and many other examples. For sure Washington and Hamilton did.

So one very useful way of viewing the writing of the U.S. Constitution and the product that resulted is a BALANCE between absolute power and the power of a mindless mob. As such, they were IDEALISTIC realists as a group if certainly not all of the individuals writing the new Constitution.

What we got was a COLLECTIVE WISDOM that is imperfect but until now for almost 250 years, has endured better than any government created before or since. So how does this bring us to an understanding of the proper role of impeachment based on high crimes and misdemeanors in our government?

It does so very well based on the FACTS on the ground. Not some abstract mumbo jumbo that suits the needs of those politicians with an AGENDA.

So here is the answer provided in a way you will not find elsewhere.

How many public officials have been impeached under the U.S. Constitution between 1789 and today June 2019?

A: 19 in all of American history.

Two Presidents: Andrew Johnson, (1868) and Bill Clinton (1998), one U.S. Senator, one Cabinet Secretary and 15 Federal Judges. That’s it.

How many of these 19 officials were convicted and removed from office? Just 8 Federal Judges have been convicted and removed. A few others impeached, most notably three Presidents. Richard Nixon resigned and Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were acquitted by the Senate.

The answer is found in the numbers. Of all the many U.S, officials, from Federal Judges, to members of Congress and others, and U.S. Presidents – collectively, thousands of very inferior and unethical officials – ONLY 19 have ever been impeached and ONLY 8 convicted and removed from office.

The FACT is the FACTS prove impeachment is not a central component of our Constitution or our federal government. That a lot of bigger IDIOTS and far more unethical individuals than Donald Trump have NOT been impeached and we have survived very well – all things considered.
The Constitution has a very good ANSWER for inferior and unethical elected officials. It is called ELECTIONS – and as imperfect as they can be, they are better than any alternative.

As for Presidents, there is even more protection for the rest of us TERM LIMITS. Two terms in one lifetime.

The larger message there is the LOGIC of TERM LIMITS for all elected offices, and yes even for Judges, may well make sense, especially SUPREME Court Judges, who have more POWER than anyone, including Presidents.

So now let’s look at the OPPOSITE of the current use of impeachment  -the view too many Democrats hold right now. A nation in which impeachment, especially most of all for Presidents becomes a truly POLICAL process, is when the MAJORITY in the House of Representatives can “invalidate” the election of a President of the other Party by making their life HELL …

and DESTROY the effectiveness of government by a never ending series of impeachment inquiries against President after President, made dramatically WORSE in situations in which the Senate is also overwhelming under the control of the other Party – not the sitting Presidents who were elected.

The U.S. Constitution and almost 250 years of American history PROVE that ELECTIONS, NOT impeachment, is the way to get rid of inferior elected officials, most of all Presidents. And with Presidents, the two-term limit provides even more safety for the rest of us.

President Trump is our PROOF OF CONCEPT. Likewise, Bill Clinton, whose very political impeachment propelled him to re-election even though Clinton was a very flawed individual, but impeachment and his ACQUITTAL was his undeserved salvation to a second term.

It will be the same for Trump if IDIOT Democrats succeed in their MADNESS.

What Robert Mueller did as much as he did not want to do so is PROVE there is no realistic basis for impeaching President Donald Trump.

REAL Democrats and REAL candidates will focus on winning in 2020 and NOT on mindless, self-defeating, unnatural HATRED for Donald Trump.

Impeachment should be for MAJOR criminal activity – nothing less.

EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)