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Former FIFA VP and T&T minister remains on the Interpol list of wanted persons as he continues to fight a U.S. extradition request.

By NAN Staff Writers

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. June 22, 2016: Three hundred and twelve nationals from 16 Caribbean nations are on Interpol, the world’s largest international police organization’s Wanted Persons List, including Trinidad & Tobago-born former FIFA vice-President and government minister Jack Warner, News Americas Now staffers have found.

The majority are from the Dominican Republic with a whopping 160, including persons wanted for crimes varying from murder to drug trafficking and bank fraud. They include:

Jesus Maria Rosario Mena, 26; Lorenzo Burgos Nuñez, 59; Daniel Polanco Valdez, 28; Michael Antonio Reyes Solis, 25; Williams De La Cruz, 38; Francisco Santos Gonzalez, 49; Willian Restituyo Peña, 35; and Felix Aldencis Peguero Mendez,57, who are all wanted for murder and

Jose Borbon, 47, and Ramon R. Rosario, 49, who are both wanted for conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute cocaine.

From Jamaica there are 50, the second largest in the Caribbean. They include:

Albert Bolt, 61, Yasser James, 22; Mervin Henry, 29, Shanrick Shavaughn Nugent, 22, Kemar Ruddock, 25, Alphanso Derrick Nelson, 26, Paul Casanova, 40, Marlon Omar Mcmillan, 30, O’Neil Ferguson, 33, and Teran Bryan, 26, all for murder;

Ena Mcneish, 63, who is wanted for possession of cocaine with intent to sell and criminally negligent homicide and,

Lawrence Moffatt, 54, for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and to distribute more than 50 grams of crack cocaine.

There are 30 from Cuba including some U.S.-based, Cuban-born nationals.

Julio Bonachea, 55, is wanted for attempted murder;

Roberto Crespo, 44, is wanted for child porn;

Jorge Emilio Perez De Morales Sante, 52,  is wanted for conspiracy to commit money laundering;

Pablo Sanu-Yasell, 79; Jose Garcia Suarez, 52; Domingo Santana, 71; Joan Noalles, 38; Alberto Bosa, 48; Rodolfo Aguila, 54; Madelin Barbara Machado, 42; Leonardo Javier Bolanos, 49; Luis Enrique Benitez, 50; Gustavo Adolfo Smith, 51; Montes Sanchez Sixto, 37, and Armando Fuentes Diaz, 44,  are all wanted for health care fraud.

Ricardo Ledo, 48, is wanted for conspiracy to commit access device fraud among four other charges and;

Angel Ricardo Mendoza, 54, is wanted for possession/storing of stolen goods.

There are 15, respectively, from Guyana and Haiti.

From Guyana they include:

Jamal Sadia Lewis, 25; Anthony Bhupdeo, 23, and Neon Daneyon Jemmott, 38, who are all wanted for murder;

Oudit Narain Seenarain, 40, who is wanted for rape, aggravated sodomy;  kidnapping with bodily injury, false imprisonment and possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

Sandra Angela Profitt, 52, Sean Griffith, 45, and Garfield Christopher Parker, 53, who are all wanted for international drug trafficking;

Roy Anthony Garraway, 50, who is wanted for drug trafficking;

Lawrence Dundas, 56, who is wanted for embezzlement as a public officer;

Hewit Alleyne, 38, who is wanted for unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor between 14 years and 16 years and;

George Andrew Hercules, 61, who is wanted for sexual battery on a child.

From Haiti, they include:

Joseph Hughes, 39, and Trezil Jean Joseph, 45, who are wanted for murder;

Sandra Lorthe, 33, and Guirlande Baptistin, 25, Jean Paul Samuel Myrthil, 61, and Jean Pierre Sainvil, 50, who are all wanted for trafficking in humans and;

Yves Francois, 62, who is wanted for sexual offences against minors.

There are 13 on the list from Suriname, including:

Kalil Miguel Saouma, 49, Lloyd Uno Wladimir Ernst, 61, and Brian Blue Adans, 44, who are all wanted for international drug trafficking and;

Kai Huang Guo, 49, who was born in China but has Surinamese citizenship,  is wanted for trafficking in humans, kidnapping, participation in a criminal organization, theft and embezzlement;

There are nine from the Bahamas. They are:

David St. Remy, 41, Gercian Ocean, 34 and Stafford Jahmal Bastian, 35, who are all wanted for murder;

Samuel Hesekiah Mais, 45, who is wanted for armed robbery and attempted murder;

Bernard Greene, 43, and Eunece Sarahann Morris, 51, who are wanted for stealing by “service;”

Sidney Cambridge, 52, who is wanted for money laundering;

Nicole Morris-Russell, 27, who is wanted for aggravated assault and aggravated battery and;

Alexander Antonio Thompson, 38, who is wanted for aggravated assault with a firearm among two other charges.

There are seven from St. Kitts and Nevis. They include:

Dexter Sylvester Lewis, 44, who is wanted for trafficking in narcotics, unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition;

Qunqun Zheng, 41, and Biao Ren, 43, who were born in China but obtained St. Kitts/Nevis citizenship. They are wanted for fraud and forging “financial negotiable instruments;”

Hanren Xia, 46, and Hongxia Wang, 44, who were also both born in China and obtained citizenship on the Caribbean island. They are wanted for fraud and taking deposits from the public illegally and;

Alexander Alexander, 65, a Russian national who obtained citizenship in St. Kitts and Nevis and is wanted for bribery.

From Belize, there are five, including:

Boris Vostry, 68, who was born in the Czech Republic but obtained Belizean citizenship and is now wanted for fraud;

Manuel Mendez Castillo, 39, and Miguel Matus, 33, and Jaime Leonel Rivas, 28, who are all wanted for murder and;

Joseph Ryan Budna, 36, who is wanted for hostage taking.

There are two each from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad & Tobago.

From Trinidad & Tobago they are:

The famous former FIFA vice-president and T&T minister of government, Jack Warner, 73, who is wanted for: racketeering conspiracy; wire fraud and money laundering and;

Mark Anthony Sean Charles, 48, who is wanted for sexual assault.

From Saint Vincent and the Grenadines they are:

Kshawn Zran Rocque, 24, who is wanted for murder in the first degree and;

Cecil Gregory Boatswain, 46, who is being sought for conspiracy to import cocaine and heroin with intent to distribute, and false statements on an application for a United States passport.

There is one each from Grenada, St. Lucia, Turks & Caicos and Antigua & Barbuda.

From Grenada, he is:

Kathron Fortune, 38, who is wanted for attempted murder/manslaughter, possession of a firearm and escaping as a prisoner.

From Antigua & Barbuda he is:

David Algernon Joseph, 46, who is wanted for “conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute cocaine and crack cocaine; conspiracy to import five kilograms or more of cocaine into the United States; possession of cocaine and false statement in application for a passport.”

From St. Lucia he is:

Tyson Joseph, 26, who is wanted for robbery while armed with a firearm, attempted murder, forcible confinement and aggravated assault and

From the Turks & Caicos Islands, she is:

Eunece Sarahann Morris, 51, who was born in the Bahamas but has TCI citizenship. She is wanted for “stealing by reason of service.”

If you have any information on these persons, Interpol urges nationals to contact their national or local police.



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