By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Nov. 22, 2023: Yes the tradition continued this week. President Biden pardoned two turkeys for Thanksgiving as usual for unstated crimes. They were certainly not too chicken to show up at The White House to learn their fate. They were not disappointed – to no surprise.

They will now be retired and live out their days in luxury as celebrities, some place nice. What was so different this year and scary for all of us is that there were three turkeys on stage. Only two have announced their retirement. This third turkey needs to follow the other two into luxurious retirement in Delaware.

The political landscape presents a paradox – while Biden’s Presidency has been marked by significant challenges, it also offers a unique opportunity, often referred to very cynically as “Biden’s Trump Card.” This term encapsulates the compelling scenario where Biden’s potential decision still worth pursuing is to not seek re-election and strengthen the Democratic Party’s position.

And save us all from the nightmare a second Trump Presidency.

Recent polls reveal an unsettling truth for President Joe Biden, a growing discontent within his own party. A majority of Democrats have expressed their preference against Biden running for a second term in various polls. This sentiment isn’t isolated, except in Biden’s mind, which is some place far away.

The American people’s trust in Biden’s ability to effectively manage government spending, accomplish policy goals, and collaborate with Congress – both Republican and Democrat – is waning. In fact, only about one in five adults currently express a desire to see him run for President again in 2024. Joe that is 80% against you. Wake up!

Crucial factors in Biden’s 2020 victory were the unprecedented turnout of young voters, and most of all his opponent – Donald Trump. This once solid support base has fatally eroded, particularly in their approval of Biden’s handling of international affairs, but most of all is the bad impression he makes as President generally.

This disenchantment among voters pose a serious threat to Biden’s re-election campaign, as that support was instrumental in his narrow victory in key states.

Perhaps the most telling indication of the fall of Biden is the disadvantage he currently faces against potential Republican candidates, notably former President Donald Trump. Polling suggests that in a hypothetical rematch, Trump will probably outpace Biden.

Moreover, when voters are presented with an unnamed Democratic candidate versus Trump, the anonymous Democrat is far more likely to win than Biden. This suggests a personal disconnect between Biden and the Real World rather than any overarching issues with the Democratic Party.

Think about it – voters will probably elect any Democrat who gets the nomination except Joe Biden. Can it get worse? Yes it can. Any Republican, except Trump, will beat Biden by even more. There is only one other Democrat who would suffer the same fate – of course the one and only Caribbean American Kamala Harris, who ranks as badly as Biden.

In this context, the notion of “Biden’s Trump Card” emerges as the  strategy we need. A potential Biden decision to not seek re-election will very much strengthen the Democratic Party’s chances in 2024. By stepping aside, Biden would pave the way for a fresher face within the party, one that could potentially reunite the fractured support bases, invigorate the young voters, present a formidable challenge to the Republican opposition, and send most of all another, white turkey into retirement – Turkey Trump.

So there is only one problem in all this – a very big problem named Joe Biden, who obviously only has concern for himself, not the rest of us.

Joe go build your Presidential library beginning in January 2025. Don’t be a turkey and make the rest of us sacrificial pigeons in a second Trump term as President. The only sadistic humor in all this is as President for Thanksgiving, the big fat turkey Trump will pardon himself. If any others show up, they will be dinner.

EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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